Ellie box review- July box

I was so excited to be able to collaborate with a company like Ellie, because I had already heard great things about them. They are proud about their brand and don’t miss even the tiniest details, I mean check out their shipping box below. 😍

Ellie is a fitness monthly subscription box, that sends you a whole outfit, and a few workout essentials along. They are all about quality and quantity, seriously what you get for $49.95 is insane!!! As with most subscription boxes, Ellie allows you to skip a month, or exchange/return if the outfit didn’t work out for you. 

The July box came with the cute & color-coordinated outfit below, an ab roller, hair ties, and a chilling towel. 

The matching outfit wasn’t just cute, it was also perfect for low or high impact workouts. Kept you dry, had a nice stretch but perfectly sculpted your body, and felt breathable. I liked the mesh insets on the sides of the capris, and the fact the sports bra had a higher neck and removable cup pads. The top matched the capris, was light and airy; and even though the sports bra was from a different brand, the shade and style matched the capris and top very well. Overall, great outfit. High quality, repelled sweat which is definitely needed for a comfortable workout, true to size, and obviously very eye-catching 👍

The July Ellie box included three accessories: a chilling towel, an ab roller, and hair ties. 

The chilling towel was an awesome addition to this box, I loved it! Kept me cool while running on the treadmill, easy to use, clean, store, and an added bonus- it was pink! The ab roller was cool, easy to assemble and use, and you do feel the burn when using it. The Zobha hair ties were extremely cute, unfortunately are not the best when working out for me. I have a lot of hair, that’s also pretty thick, so the hair ties didn’t hold my hair up well enough while running. Regardless, they are nicer than your average black hair tie, and I still plan on using them when I am not working out. 

If you workout often, you probably own a few outfits devoted to your fitness. In my experience, a cute outfit makes it easier to put it on and get your workout done; and most often a full outfit is not on the cheap side. On average, $50 gets you the pants, top and bra. Sometimes, they aren’t even the best quality and don’t last too long, since fitness apparel is usually washed more often than everyday clothes. I was very surprised at the outfit inside my July Ellie box. It looked and felt great, when worn you could feel it was great quality, and the style was very fashionable. On top of the great outfit, you get the cool fitness related items included, and the convenience of at-home delivery, easy returns, and a skip policy. 

If you haven’t heard of Ellie yet, I highly recommend you check them out ASAP! If you’ve tried Ellie, feel free to link your reviews or share your favorite items so far in the comments! ✌❤

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