Extreme Dieting in Asia

Would you follow a diet with parasites?

As per an article in USA Today, women in Hong Kong are eating parasites purchased online to help in their weight loss goal. These worms may lead to stomach problems or in worse cases death.  It was pretty interesting reading this article since women are constantly being reminded to be thin, but to actually ingest worms as part of a diet? Then again being cut up and sewn back up as in plastic surgery, is pretty crazy in some cases. Every culture has their own definition of beauty, in some being thin is a requirement.

252/365: Anorexia Nervosa
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In this article Agatha Yau, a marketing executive and extreme dieter, was interviewed on all aspects of extreme dieting practices women follow  throughout Hong Kong and other cities.They range from your typical diet pills to eating worms sold online. Women feel pressured to weigh in under 100lbs, this is considered true beauty in their culture. They must achieve their weight goal without exercise since defined muscles are not considered feminine to them.  Agatha said,  “Dieting is a life-long career for women… It’s true for women everywhere, but especially in Hong Kong.” which I believe to be a very accurate statement worldwide. The pressure to be thin is becoming more important than being healthy.

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The article goes on to explain methods women use to loose weight and reasons why they feel the need to be so thin. As well as the rise in eating disorders and life-threatening decisions women make to be the thinnest they can be.

Follow the link to read the entire article and share your thoughts on it.

Usa Today – Extreme Diet


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