Top flat belly foods

Let’s face it starving yourself to stay thin doesn’t work and doing a hundred crunches one night won’t give you six pack abs. So what’s a girl to do??? Start by doing a little grocery shopping! Below is a list of foods you SHOULD eat to help fight against a flabby tummy.

  • blueberries
  • tart cherries
  • flax seed
  • avocados
  • oatmeal
  • olive oil
  • apples
  • almonds
  • spinach
  • yogurt
  • black beans
  • dark chocolate

These are a few belly fighting foods, which are rich in good fats and help you reduce cholesterol which might help protect you from cancer and heart disease. These foods reduce the glycemic load found in most foods which will help you stay full longer and give you more appetite control. They are loaded with fiber and other ingredients which make your metabolism work harder to burn calories.

They don’t have many calories to begin with, but in turn make it easier for you to burn calories. Keep them around to snack on or mix them together to create your own healthy snack mix. Eating them daily, in moderation, along with exercise will help you attain that flat belly you’ve been wanting!


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