Friday the 13th fashion

Let’s celebrate Friday the 13th with some matching fashion!

For many who are superstitious, today is considered a very unlucky day. Many people truly have a phobia with this date. There’s a few theories of the origins of this superstition leading back to ancient myths. In truth, when I think of Friday the 13th all I see is Jason raising mayhem with his machete in the classic movies. So why not share a couple Friday the 13th inspired fashion bits?!

Bloody pump

This blood splattered pump screams for attention. If you get these shocking heels, don’t be surprised if you’re constantly warned ” Miss is that blood on your shoes?!”

Guns ‘n posies

This necklace is pretty edgy with those fashionable pistols. A couple of posies add a bit of femininity to this piece.

Loveskull sweater dress

This vintage inspired sweater is made from a soft cashmere blend. The sparkling skull breaks up the feminine feel of this piece.

Decayed skull ring

This ring has an antique-looking feel to it. Looks pretty creepy having a decaying skull wrapped around your finger, don’t you think….

Goth Hello Kitty

This pretty kitty ring was designed by Tarina Tarantino, a fashion designer who blends Victorian elegance with contemporary colors and modern shapes. Kitty has gone goth.

Dagger necklace

Though it’s still a dagger hanging around your neck, this piece actually looks pretty distinct with the earthy yellow gold and crystal accents.

Another bloody pump

Though this one looks a bit more subtle with the black are red colors. Not as splotchy, or as bloody.

I chose 7 lucky fashion pieces inspired by Friday the 13th.

Are you superstitious when it comes to this day? Share your thoughts on this superstition/ phobia and the fashion pieces below!

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