Last minute Halloween costume ideas for couples

Hey guys! Halloween is pretty much right around the corner and if any of you are like me, you probably still don’t have a costume ! No worries here’s a few ideas for you and your sweetheart or you and your best girl to try out. The best part is these costumes are pretty much DIY to save you money. Hope you like them!

The Shining Grady twins

You two will surely be unique with this costume. All you’ll need are matching blue dresses ( which can possibly be found at a local thrift store), black shoes with knee-high white socks, fake blood to splash on the dress, and a bow or hair clip. Grady Twins credit: darren131


This ones pretty simple and can be worn with more people. All you’ll need are same color skirts and tops you can even buy white and sew or glue lettering on them, pom poms, and tennis shoes. Don’t forget the pigtails!

image credit

Daphne & Velma from Scooby Doo

This is a cute and colorful idea! For Daphne you’ll need : a violet short dress, an apple green scarf, pink tights, clear purple shoes, and an orange wig. Velma will need the following: orange turtleneck sweater, short red skirt, orange socks, red shoes, a brown short wig, and big, dorky glasses. Daphne Velma scooby doo

credit: mikemol

80’s kids costume

This ones super funky and pretty simple. The look you’re going for is bright neon colors, big off- the shoulder sweater, bright colored leggings, bangles or other colorful accesories, bright blue eyeshadow and pink lipstick, and most important BIG hair! Tease the hell out of your hair and there you go. Fashion Central

photo credit: es0teric“80’s girl, meets 80’s guys.”

Bonnie & Clyde

Notorious bank robbers and lovers. All you’ll need for Bonnie : pinstripe suit or skirt, white cuffed shirt, a fedora, black pumps and add bag full of play money. Clyde will need: pinstripe suit, dressy black shoes, a black fedora and a toy machine gun. Tanja & Nikita Wedding

photo credit: Jazz Defo

Homer & Marge Simpson

A simple and easy classic, if you don’t mind your hair being blue for one day! Marge will need: a green strapless dress, a pearl necklace and blue wig. You can also tease your hair and use lots of hairspray to get the Marge “do” . Homer needs: a white short sleeved polo, blue jeans ,a bald head ( you can purchase a bald-wig cap) and you could carry around a donut or beer mug for added effect! Marge Simpson

photo credit: mrflip


You’re dressing up as the undead which leaves you with many options. You could be zombie prom king and queen, zombie cheerleaders, or even wear your regular clothes. The thing that makes the zombie outfit complete is the makeup. You can purchase a Halloween make up kit at various drugstores or Halloween specialty stores and use the colors on your face and skin. Get some fake blood to splash on your clothes and body as well.

image credit

Don’t forget the easiest costume ever

Purchase some kind of animal ears (kitty, tiger, rabbit..) match your makeup accordingly, check your wardrobe for something to wear ( you can actually get away with wearing your regular clothes) and you’re done! Just a few cheap and simple ideas, I’d love to hear any do it yourself costumes you have done or plan on using! Happy Halloween!


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