How do you celebrate New Years?!

2012 is officially here, as usual the year flies by when you’re having fun!

Remember those days when you were still a child, and would desperately count the days until Christmas and New years finally arrived? Time seemed to go by so slow back then. It seems the older you get, the quicker life goes by. Must be the everyday worries like, jobs, bills, kids, cooking and all those daily acitvities. Either way, the coming of a new year is definitely a celebration, and it’s very interesting to see how other places have their own ways of celebrating it.

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New years is celebrated all around the globe in different styles. Whether it’s by hanging out and partying the night away until the ball drops at Times Square, or spending time at home with the family to usher in the new year. Just as every culture has different traditions and ways of celebrating, some places have a different date for their new years day.  Below are a few ways different cultures ring in the New Year.

  • In the US, New years is celebrated by spending time with your loved ones. Parades being hosted, firework shows, and of course a kiss under the mistletoe.
  • In Mexican tradition, wearing red undergarments is believed to bring an overall improvement in lifestyle and strengthen love. And 12 grapes are eaten at midnight, while making one wish per grape.
  • In Italy, a lentil stew is eaten at midnight to bring good fortune.
  • Silence and secret wishes are done the last 12 seconds of the year in Russia.
  • In Chile, wearing yellow underwear will get you engaged in the new year and wearing only new clothes will bring new changes.

*New Years traditions per Wikipedia.

Regardless of what date or how New Years is celebrated, i think the main ingredient which is part of all cultures is family. Welcoming a new year is best done surrounded by people you love. Whether it’s at a family dinner, going out with your girls, or doing a movie and take-out kind of date with your love. All that matters is celebrating another year together with those most important to you 🙂

I know this article missed  A LOT of ways New Years is celebrated, please comment below and share any special traditions and ways you celebrate New Years!

Have a safe and happy New Years!!!

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