How to add glamour to your eyelashes

Other than the fact that eyelashes protect the eyes from dust and debris, they also are a feature of facial beauty. Since the eyes are the window to the world, we tend to communicate a lot with them; making eyelashes an equally important part of our features. For example when we are batting or fluttering our eyelashes, we are stressing or bringing meaning to particular words. It would certainly help if the eye lashes were long, thick and immaculate, adding extra beauty to your eyes and face. Unfortunately, not all of us are born with beautiful eyelashes. But that’s where the art of makeup comes in handy. Read on to learn how to add glamour to your eyelashes and flaunt them!

1. Mascara

If you can apply some mascara the right way, then there is nothing better to make those eyelashes look gorgeous. The trick is to get all the strands separated from the others without globs of mascara sticking to them. To avoid the globs, apply the mascara first to the base of the lashes with the mascara wand and then wiggle it. Then, using the lash comb, gently brush the lashes settling in the mascara. If you choose not to use the comb, make sure you wipe the excess mascara from the wand with a tissue or cloth before touching the lashes.
Another thing to avoid while applying mascara are smudges. You can do so by applying some powder first onto the lower eyelids and then can apply the coat. Also try not to blink while applying as this can only cause it to stick to your eyelids and not the lashes. If you want your lashes thicker, then apply a second coat of mascara but do so before the first coat dries, or else the lashes will clump together.
Clean your mascara wand at all times, for the best results you can get out of applying your mascara. Use a makeup remover or some soap and water to remove any of the dried mascara.

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2. False eyelashes

There is nothing wrong in using fake or false eyelashes to enhance those strands. These are now gaining popularity all around with most celebrities making use of it to bring the glamorous look to their eyes. If you get the right pair of fake eyelashes, you can make your ordinary eyes look exceptionally good, maybe even making it impossible to tell them apart. But before you invest in a pair, there are two things you need to take into consideration:

  • You need to determine the color first. Ideally you need to select a color that closely resembles your own lashes. But otherwise, select dark brown lashes if you have a light brown, while blonde or red hair and black eyelashes if you are a brunette with dark hair.
  • The length and fullness is where most women have difficulty. Pick a pair that appears shorter as once you wear it, they would look longer. It is also better to use individual lashes which look more natural than a single strip.

3. Natural remedies

If you don’t want to do any of the commercial remedies, then there are the home remedies which would not fetch you immediate results, but if practiced regularly would bring the glamorous look you want for your eyelashes. The natural methods are hassle free, have no side effects and are highly effective:

  • Before hitting the bed at night, apply a coat of castor oil or olive oil to your eyelashes.
  • Sometimes trimming your eyelashes a bit can also provide fast and effective results.
  • Apply some Vaseline on to your eyelashes using a mascara brush before going to bed.
  • Glycerin and castor oil mixed together in equal quantities applied to your eyelashes is known to enhance growth.

All the above mentioned methods may work for some, but not for others. Since it’s your eyes you are working with, you need to be careful with the application methods and other factors. If you find that a particular brand of mascara is causing eye irritation, stop using it, no matter how expensive or effective it is. Similarly, while applying the glue for the false eyelashes, be very careful as to not apply them on your eyelids. Adding a touch of glamour to your eyelashes is important to look and feel good, but above all, it’s how you carry yourself that matters. So whichever method you choose, make sure you are comfortable with it and everything will fall in place.

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