How to apply liquid eyeliner

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Liquid eyeliner won’t smudge and appears more intense than pencil.

The first time i tried applying liquid liner it got in my eye. The white around my eyeball was splotchy black and my eye started watering. I closed my eye shut and decided to use pencil liner for a bit longer… That was about a decade ago and now I can’t even go on vacation without taking my liquid liner. Even though I had trouble the first time, I kept practicing until I finally achieved that dark rimmed eyelid with a winged tip at the end.  One of the things I prefer about liquid liner is that it stays on all day even if it’s not waterproof , and the fact that it applies darker gives your eyes an intense and dramatic effect.

If you’re still using pencil on your top lid, I’d definitely recommend you trying liquid. Many women seem hesitant to try it since you have to be very precise to get that straight line over your lashes and avoid poking your eyes. These simple tips along with practice will help you rim your eyes with liquid liner like a pro.

-Some of the best liquid liners I’ve used can be bought at your local drugstore. NYC, Jordana, and Revlon are the three brands I have tried and still use because you can’t beat the price, the liner applies smooth with the enclosed applicator, and the color is rich and stays put all day.

-If you are having a hard time getting the line straight, it  might be easier to draw it with a pencil liner first then go over it with the liquid one.

-It’s recommended that you only apply liquid eyeliner to your top eyelid. It’s easier to poke or get liner in your eye if you line your bottom lid as well.

-Always make sure there’s enough liquid on the brush before applying it.

-Draw the line from the inner corner  by the tear duct of your eye to the outer corner.

-Instead of drawing the whole line on your lid, draw small lines and connect them. This will give you more control and help your line come out straight.

-You can also try using gel eyeliner instead of liquid.Gel eyeliner is similar in application as liquid but the gel is smoother and makes it easier to apply.  It comes in a little pot or tube. You will also need a flat eyeliner brush to apply it. Gel liner might be easier to apply since the texture is creamier and glides smoother with the brush. Some of my favorites are mac fluidline ($15.00 and Sonia Kashuks’ Dramatically Defining Long Wear Gel Eye Liner ($8.99 A really great brush for applying gel liner is Sonia kashuks’ bent brush($5.99 ). It’s firm but the fine tip makes application easier, and the angle of the brush is also a plus.

Got any tips you’d like to share?!  Comment below 🙂

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