How to choose a coat to flatter your shape

Coats come in various styles, lengths and fabrics, just like women come in different shapes, size and personality. Not all coats look good on every shape, which is why it’s good to know various styles to find one which best accentuates you. Common body shapes are: tall, petite, full-figured, pear-shaped, and slim/athletic. Below I have listed a few coats and specified which body frame is best accentuated.

    • Trench coat- this style is a classic and many double as raincoats. Trench coats are a great fit for petite shapes, but belted styles are flattering on all shapes because they accentuate or help create an hourglass figure. They come in various lengths, but if you’re petite look for above the knee to avoid looking smaller.


    • Peacoat- this is a very popular and comfortable style. A double-breasted one with military-style buttons looks great on full-figured and pear-shaped ladies. It gives structure to the shoulders and balances a thick waist and big hips. Belted peacoats are also great at creating balance and accentuating your narrowest point, the waist.


    • Faux fur coat- a nice faux fur trimmed coat can look stylish and won’t make you look over-the-top like Cruella Deville. Perfect for the winter season and looks great on pear-shaped ladies. The faux-fur trim over the shoulders helps balance wide hips, and a neutral shade creates a slimmer appearance.


    • Short tweed coat-a short tweed style is a nice choice for a slim/ athletic build because the fabric adds a feminine touch. A fitted style will hug your slim figure and perfectly define your waist. For a more hourglass shape look for belted tweed coats to create curves.


    • Parka- parkas are great sporty option for the winter season and they come in various styles which work with all body shapes. Avoid very loose fitting ones which will leave you looking shapeless, instead opt for a faux-fur trimmed or belted style. Long styles look best on taller women.


    • Long trench coat- longer coats are most flattering on tall ladies. If you are petite or too curvy, this style might make you look shorter or thicker. If you have a tall and slim build look for belted feminine styles to accentuate your waist. Colorful or stamped fabrics will also look great on your figure, just try to avoid vertical lines.

Always check linings and fabric before purchasing to ensure proper fit and a long lasting coat. Occasionally, you’ll find a great coat for a bargain, but most of the time they are a bit pricey. If you can afford it, splurge because a great coat won’t date. Take good care of your coat by following proper cleaning instructions, and choose a coat that suits you! Forget what’s trending at the moment and flaunt your personal style 🙂

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