How to create different outfits with one piece

Every woman will go through this scenario at least once in their life, regardless the size of their closet…

You don’t necessarily have to own a wardrobe as big as a celebrity’s to have tons of outfits. Splurge on a piece that’s timeless and that will give you different options. Neutral colors like: black, brown, gray, navy blue or khaki can be combined with almost all colors. Buying a skirt, suit or pants in neutral colors will give you more outfit options. Here’s a visual to help you out!

By purchasing a nice black skirt, you’ll be able to coordinate up to three different outfits using the same skirt. All it takes is matching the skirt with different tops and accessories you already own. Different textures, patterns and colors provided by the tops and shoes, will give your skirt a new look each time. Adding colorful and different accessories will also help change the look of your outfit. Need more options? Try layering! Add leggings or black opaque stockings and a coat or cardigan for a different look.

The same concept can be used with jeans, pants, and suits, just remember to stick with a neutral shade for more versatility!

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