5 homemade body scrubs

Body scrubs are a great and natural way to exfoliate dead skin cells.
Skin is the largest organ, and provides protection for the rest of your organs. It constantly sheds dead cells, but using a scrub once or twice a week will prevent dry, flaky skin from becoming a problem. Skin becomes dry from dehydration, and weather conditions. Scrubs are a great way to get rid of dead cells, add moisture, and leave your skin glowing all in one simple step!

Sometimes going to the store to purchase a scrub can be confusing, considering the fact there are many products promising the same result. Most scrubs seem to have the same ingredients, just the price tag seems to differ. What to do???? Make your own! It’s pretty easy to mix your own Fresh ingredients and a good way to save some cash. Plus, if you create your own body scrub, you’ll have complete control of what goes in the final product. Read on for five simply satisfying scrubs!

1. Sugar and berries scrub

Mash 3-6 berries to a paste and stir in 1/2tbs of sugar.

2. Sea salt and olive oil scrub

Use 1 cup of sea salt and about 1/2 a cup of olive oil.

3. Coffee grounds and vanilla extract scrub

Mix 2 cups of coffee grounds with 1/2 a cup of baby oil and add 1 Tbsp. of vanilla extract.

4. Brown sugar and olive oil scrub

Use 1 cup of brown sugar and add 1/2 cup of olive oil. Mix well.

5. Baking soda and honey scrub

Combine equal amounts of baking soda and honey and blend well together.

These recipes are made up of 2-3 ingredients so that they are quick and easy to make, but you can always add or mix ingredients and create your own recipe!

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