How to shop for maternity wear and still feel stylish

If any of you ladies have been pregnant, you’ll know how hard it can be to find comfortable yet fashionable clothing. The first few months might not be much of a challenge, especially if weight gain isn’t coming on too rapidly, but once your jeans start feeling snug; the hunt for maternity wear begins!

I hope I am not the only one, but I haven’t been too impressed when shopping for maternity clothing at my local Target and Burlington. Perhaps I need to try other places, but my main concern was getting a few pieces that would last me my full nine months, and still make me feel fashionable throughout. I found a few cute pieces, but for the most part everything looked plain and sorry to say ugly. The tough part is finding clothes, when options for pregnant women are so sparse. I literally had four racks to look through at Burlington, and every piece looked the same as the last.

Being that I love having my personal fashion-sense and dressing in a way to make me feel my best, I have decided to think outside the box when it comes to shopping for my pregnancy.  Here are a few tips to help any mommies-to-be out there dealing with this same issue:

  • I noticed that maternity tops are the same if not more expensive than regular tops, and the material has the same amount of stretch if you shop around. Rather than settling for a maternity toip you’re unsure if you like, go up a size in regular womens tops. Or look for empire waist tops.
  • Buy a be-band available at Target. A be-band is a great invention which allows you to keep wearing your pre-pregnancy jeans and pants while hiding the fact you are wearing them unbuttoned. The be-band keeps your pants from slipping down and is available in black, nude or white.
  • I searched for cute maternity bras, but ended up findning a big ol plain bra with no support and ugly straps. So rather than settling, I went up a cup and band size so i could wear a nice bra that offered support.
  • Don’t wear oversized and loose fitting clothes, show off your bump proudly! A nice aternative to feel comfy and relaxed are leggings, which are now available for maternity. Or you can simply buy regular leggings, just go up a few sizes and find ones that offer lots of stretch.
  • Maternity dresses are designed to grow with you, but you can also browse the womens section and find many options which are designed to be flowy. To see if a dress will be worth you purchasing for your pregnancy, simply check if it has stretch around the tummy area. Maxi dresses and empire waist dresses work great for pregnancy.
  • Stock up on black camis. They are essential for pregnancy. Even better if they have build-in bust support. They grow with your belly, and you can spruce them up by pairing with a different cover-up suck as: cardigan, blazer or a button-up.
  • Don’t neglect your accesories! Keep wearing necklaces, earring, bracelets and accesorizing your outfits while you are pregnant. If you feel an outfit is just not working, toss on some jewelry and see the difference it can make.
  • It’s a good tip to buy shoes with a wide insole or a half size up in the case you end up suffering from swollen feet which comes along in the later stages of pregnancy. It is safe to wear heels, though sometimes not recommended due to you getting tired more easily and to avoid any falls since your balance changes. If you are avoiding heels, opt for cute flats or loafers or even kitten heels which have a little heel. Wedges are always a good option especially if you shop around for comfy insoles, and not toomuch of a wedge heel.
  • Wear colors and fun patterns. They say avoid stripes if you want to avoid looking wider, I say wear stripes to show off your cute baby bump! This season, vertical-striped tops will be seen more. Look for a nice white top with navy blue vertical stripes for a cute nautical look. Just because you are pregnant doesn’t mean you have to lose your fashion sense, if you love colors and fun patterns wear them. Simply look for materials that have stretch or go up one to two sizes in womens clothes.
  • Work pants don’t have to be a stressful situation. One of the few things I found at Target in the maternity section, were nice grey and black slacks from Liz Lange. They had no buttons or zippers to avoid bothering your sensitive tummy skin, but didn’t look frumpy or ugly when worn.

If you’d rather shop online for maternity clothes, check out a few outfits i put together below. You can definitely continue to be stylish during your pregnancy, all you have to do is shop around and remember the tips above!





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