How to wear colorful eyeshadows

Ever seen a nice colorful eyeshadow, but skipped trying it from fear of looking like this…

You’d be surprised the difference a bit of color does for your eyes, when applied correctly! Just because you like bright shadows, doesn’t mean you have to look like you’re wearing too much.  Makeup accentuates your already existing beauty, though it can sometimes be tricky. This article will provide you tips and videos for experimenting with colors, without worrying about looking overdone.

I believe anyone can pull off colorful makeup regardless your tone or eye color, as long as the application is personally done to accentuate your characteristics. If you’re completely lost on which colors to try, check out these previous posts: Accentuate brown eyes, Tips for blue eyes, Make green eyes pop w/ these tips.

The first thing to remember when playing up your eyes with color, is to keep the rest of your makeup neutral. Unless you like this look, avoid pairing green shadows with pink cheeks and red lipstick… Though in the end you choose the look you are most comfortable wearing.

Blend colorful shadows with neutral ones for a softer look during the day; and add a black shadow for a smokey effect ,perfect for nighttime. Blending is a very important step when wearing colorful shadows, it makes your makeup application look softer and gets rid of any lines separating colors. In a way, it harmonizes colors. Please invest in a good blending brush because your fingers or little sponge applicator brushes are not going to do the job.

Though the multi-color-rainbow look can look very pretty on many ladies, it’s better to stick to one or two colorful shades. It’s easier to work with and a much versatile look.

Remember that color wheel concept?

It also applies to makeup. Complimentary colors are a good choice when using color shadows. For example, green/hazel eyes will stand out with purples and work well with blues and yellow-shades. Blue eyes look great with red/maroon shades and blend well with green and orange/copper shadows. Brown and black eyes take your pick, any color works well with your eyes!

Using eyeliner and mascara will better accentuate a colorful look. For an extra colorful look use: purple, blue, green or teal liner, otherwise stick to brown or black.

A few videos that show how to work with color eye shadows.

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