Kat Von D Serpentina eyeshadow palette review and looks

Kat Von D’s makeup line is well known for being highly pigmented and a full array of colors. And her latest creation, Serpentina eyeshadow palette, definitely delivers on both. 

The eyeshadows come in a fancy magnetized black case with black and gold being a decorative theme. There are six shimmer shades, two matte and one loose pigment. The names of each shadow are shown on the back of the case. They are pictured above and are:(from left to right) bloodmilk, Medusa, ankh, queen, hieroglyph, Nile, scarab, venom and Prophet. The actual box has a little blurb about Kat’s inspiration for creating this palette. In her own words, “…it’s inspired by the essence of Egypt- Cleopatra, to be specific. ” The palette definitely screams Cleopatra. The colors, names and overall aesthetic very much paint a picture of her, so Kat did a great job on that. 

After testing out the shadows, I found bloodmilk to be my favorite. Though truthfully I picked up this palette because I was specifically looking for a new red shade, but I am really glad I decided to buy this whole palette, rather than just the one shade I was looking for. I was very happy at how vibrant the colors applied and how easy it was to blend them. This palette is very easy to work with, and I know I have already said this but I am truly in love with the beautiful colors. Normally I prefer pressed eyeshadows over loose pigment,  but Prophet might change my mind. The shade is a true gold with slight green undertones. It applies smooth like butter and looks great dry or wet. A couple of the shadows did have some fallout, from my experience Nile and queen had the most. But there are ways to prevent and fix that problem. 

Overall,  I am glad I purchased the Serpentina palette. The variety in shades allows me to create fun and vibrant looks, or more subtle yet sultry ones. I currently use Kat Von D’s eyeliner and it has become one of my favorites,  but this was the first time I tried out her eyeshadows and definitely see myself purchasing more in the future. If you are on the fence about whether or not to get Serpentina,  I’d say go for it. $45 for a quality palette is pretty much the average cost, and if you really think about it you are getting nine eyeshadows for that price, which averages out to $5 per eyeshadow. 

Here are a few looks I created using Kat Von D’s Serpentina eyeshadow palette. If you have the Serpentina palette what did you think about it? Let me know in the comments. And if you liked my review and looks, please share my post!

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