Kiss nail dress review

Dress your nails in pretty designs within minutes with Kiss sticky nail strips.

The box comes with twenty eight strips which can be used on finger and toenails.  I got mine in “Bustier ” at Luckys for $6.99. They also had zebra designs in black and white and neon colors. Pretty much you size a strip to match your nail, stick it on your nail, fold the excess, and file down. It’s said to last up to ten days,  but can also be easily removed.

click the link to ->  buy the nail dress pictured above

Overall I was very satisfied with this product. It was also much simpler than I expected. Took me under ten minutes, and I had pretty nails with a gorgeous design right at home. I hope they deliver,as stated on the box and do last ten days. I will post an updated picture and status in a few.

*UPDATE: Check out the picture below. It was taken 12 days after I applied my nails. Kiss nail dress does as promised and lasts for up to 10 days! Besides the fact my nails grew, the nail stickers themselves remained in pretty good condition.

Check out a video on how to apply Kiss nail dress below…


Have you used Kiss nail dress strips?! Which style did you choose?!

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