Lather & Fizz bath set giveaway #2

Ready to win an invigorating soap set perfect for summertime?!


Thanks for participating in this giveaway and sharing your favorite workouts! Our lucky winner is……


Ashley @brideonbudget


One chance left to win your very own Lather & Fizz bath set in a soon to come giveaway! Thanks again for participating!

FYI- We use to make sure that all of our contest winners are chosen completely at random.


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Thanks to our Summertime giveaway sponsor ,Lather & Fizz boutique, I’ve got two great after workout sets left to give away to my readers! The first giveaway involved a couple steps, so this one is going to be super easy. Keep reading and enter for your chance to win this refreshing handmade soap and bath set!

One lucky winner will receive the following:

-After workout handmade soap: the intoxicating smell of peppermint and natural ingredients are a great way to cleanse your skin after a workout or a long day.

-After workout bath bomb:relax in the tub with a soothing and relaxing bath bomb. A perfect relief for sore muscles and a fatigued mind. It helps relieve swelling and even acts as a deodorant!

-After workout foaming foot scrub:a nice treat for tired feet! They carry you all over daily, so give them a break and pamper them with this minty foot scrub. It cleanses and exfoliates at the same time which will leave your feet perfect for summertime.


Contest is open worldwide and will end this Thursday May, 19th 2011. A winner will be randomly selected and announced on Friday.

How to enter this contest:

-All you have to do is leave a comment below on what your favorite workout is. Pretty simple right?!

-For an extra entry  you can also like Beautycareme on Facebook and let me know in a new comment!

Good luck, can’t wait to check out everyone’s favorite workout routine!


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  1. 1
    Jessica Dearnley

     My favourite workout would be doing lots of skipping, it’s really fun and it doesn’t feel like a workout.

  2. 8

     My favorite work out routine is:
    50 crunches in sets of 10
    30 push ups in sets of 15
    10 minutes of jump roping (fun and good cardio :D)
    Swimming 3 laps to cool off

    Thanks for the great giveaway!
    nafairbank (at) gmail (dot) com

  3. 9
    Laura Morales

      I used to go to the gym and my favorite workout was the swimming exercises, it was really fun! 🙂

  4. 15

     I liked you on facebook!

    And my favorite workout honestly depends on my mood!  I’m currently recovering from an eating disorder, and i’m finally realizing how FUN working out can be…it doesnt have to contain slaving away for an hour on the eliptical just to burn calories.  I LOVE going on leisure jogsthroughout my college campus and taking in the scenery.  I’ve developed a love for cycling and ROCK CLIMBING…actually embracing the idea of arm muscles!  But in spite of all this, my favorite “work out routine” …whether it be the tempo runs I do for my half marathon training, or a zumba class where I get to shake my tooshie…ends with me feeling energetic and motivated with a BRIGHT outlook on life 🙂

    Without that, what fun would any workout be!?

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