Leather Boots by Gipsy Dharma


Gipsy Dharma produces beautiful hand crafted hand-dyed, one of a kind leather boots perfect for all occasions!

Designed and made by specialist artisans, their boots are made from the finest soft leather, to provide lasting comfort and durability. All of their boots have a convenient zipper along the side to make and ease free transfer from on to off, along with lacing from top to toe enabling you to fasten them to suite your individual comfort and style. The soles of their boots feel as if you were walking barefoot through the clouds, light, cushy and comfortable  They come in various colors, and are hand dyed making each pair truly unique. No will have a pair exactly like yours! Isn’t that great! There one of a kind. You really will stand out from the crowd in these beautiful hand dyed leather boots. They’re edgy and quite cute too. Whether you are exploring the woodlands or walking along sandy beaches, these are boots that will keep you closely connected with nature and everything around you while making you look so fashionable people will be begging to know where you got your boots from. If this sounds like your cup of tea, being stylish, edgy, having one of a kind boots, grabbing the crowds attention. Then Gipsy Dharma’s stylish hand dyed leather boots will be the perfect match for you! Go ahead be bold, you’ll love it. Gipsy Dharma