Lipstick trends

Women have been wearing lipstick for centuries to accentuate their pretty pouts or express an image.

Lipstick comes in various shades and textures, you can pretty much change your lip shade as your mood does.

Lipstick trends have come and gone like blue or jet black lips, others like classic red lips stay forever. It sometimes goes unnoticed even though it’s universally worn by many women and men.

I don’t often wear lipstick unless I have an event or fancy dinner to attend, but it was my introduction into the world of makeup as a young child going through my moms purse. That simple tube many of us carry around in our purse or store in the fridge has come a long way and has quite a story.

Lipstick is believed to have first been used in ancient Mesopotamia, where women would use crushed jewels to decorate their lips.

Soon after, Egyptian women started using bugs, plants and other objects to add color to their lips, as we have seen many paintings of Cleopatra with red lips. During the Elizabethan era, lipstick  became widely accepted and used. Queen Elizabeth’s black lips made history, but soon came the Victorian era and out went the love for lipstick. It became banned and to be used only by prostitutes and actresses. The roaring 20’s brought back the use of lipstick and went from women being ashamed of being seen with colored lips in public to women powdering their faces pale white, staining their lips bloody-red, and vamping out their eye makeup anytime of the day. Max Factor came out with a line of cosmetics which was only available to movie stars at first, but through much success later on went public. Hazel Bishop, chemist and founder of Hazel Bishop Inc, is said to be the first inventor  to create and sell the first smudge-proof lipstick, which became widely accepted and turned Bishop very wealthy.  ( Lipstick history source:

Could you imagine going to your backyard to catch some bugs and rub their blood and guts all over your lips just before going out on a date?! Or even worse being called a prostitute for wearing lipstick in public. It’s pretty interesting how much history is bottled in a little tube of lipstick.

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