Lose weight and keep it off

The hardest part of losing weight is getting started,

once you start seeing results you’ll get hooked and it will be smooth sailing from there!

Losing ten lbs overnight is unrealistic.

Losing ten lbs in one month can be accomplished. The recommended amount of weight you should loose is about 2-3 lbs per week. Daily exercise along with a healthy and balanced meal plan will give you that body you’ve been wanting. Keep reading for a few simple tips you can follow to loose weight and keep it off!

1. Drink water daily.

8 glasses a day is the recommended amount.

2. Workout for thirty minutes daily.

You have to do cardio and weight training in order to loose lbs and tone your body as well. You can trade off doing weights one day and cardio the next to give your muscles a rest.

3. Plan your meals in advance and try to eat at about the same time daily.

If you know what you’ll be eating in advance there’s less of a chance that you’ll eat junk or more than you should. Portion control is the key. Don’t restrict yourself, just eat in smaller portions. And remember, always eat breakfast and never skip meals. This aids in keeping your metabolism active throughout the day.

4. Keep a food journal.

Jot down your meals, caloric value, and physical activity done per day. Doing this will make you aware of everything that goes in your mouth and help you change your eating habits.

5. Weigh yourself at least once a week.

I know people say “don’t weigh yourself daily you’ll get obsessed!” but there’s a difference between being obsessed and aware. Remember being healthy and fit involves more than a number on a scale. Don’t freak out , run to the gym and starve yourself if you gained a pound. Your weight fluctuates daily between 5-10lbs because of a few reasons including weather and water intake. Also, muscle weighs more than fat so don’t give up if the numbers don’t go down right away.

6. Lifting weights means you have to get your protein.

Eat foods high in it like meat, chicken and fish. Eat your veggies as well, mom was right they’re good for you! Remember that food pyramid from back in health class?

7. To get sleek- well defined muscles use light weights and more repetitions.

For example, lift lighter or moderate weights and do about 5 sets of 10-13 reps.

8. Take up yoga or pilates.

These workouts are great in toning your entire body. They use your own weight for resistance and target specific problem areas. Circuit training is another great option. It’s a combination of light weights and exercises to help tone your body and burn fat.

Remember a healthy and balanced diet along with daily physical activity are needed for your success.

These tips have helped me out and I hope you enjoy them as well!

* This information is not intended to substitute medical opinions, seek a health-care professional for that*


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    hi there! love your blog, it’s gorgeous!! plus, i love talking shop about beauty. i just wanted to add a tip for anyone out there that is reading this for inspiration… remember, you can’t out-exercise bad nutrition! you gotta control those portions and eat healthy! that doesn’t mean you can’t eat something naughty every once in awhile! a healthy lifestyle is the most freeing thing in the world once you get it started. and if anyone out there is having trouble figuring out what on earth they should eat, contact me! i know some delicious healthy recipes that definitely get you to stop craving junk food because they’re so satisfying.

    Vogue Gone Rogue

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    Beauty Care

    thanks again and i hope you continue enjoying my blog! very well put ,that’s a great tip to live by.

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