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make green eyes POP with these tips

Green eyes are not too common…

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If you’re one of the few that has them, here are a few tips you can check out to make those gems pop even greener!

– Great shadow colors to make a contrast with your green eyes and add more intensity to them are: burgundy/reds, purples, brows, golds/bronze, and copper/orange/rust. Use these colors to create natural and smoky looks.

– Use brown, grey or purple eyeliner to open up eyes. Black eyeliner makes green eyes look more intense but will also make them appear somewhat smaller. Switch up your black mascara for a brown one to accentuate them better.

– Add some frosty white eyeshadow to the tear duct corner of your eyes to make them appear brighter.

– Play with color shadows but avoid green and blues since they won’t do much to your already great eye color, and keep the rest of your makeup minimal as in nude/peachy lipstick and apricot/matte blush.  The avoid green and blue shadows can be debatable if used in correct hues and blended well. Green shadow on eyes can actually look very pretty, especially if you try different shades like turquoise, or if you like blues try a teal look. Green and blues look nice and bold, but if you’re really looking to make your eyes stand out try reds, purples, or orange and yellow tones.

– If you are not too keen on bright colors, try pastels! Lavender is a beautiful color that’s very trendy at the moment.

– Add intensity to your stare by softly filling in your brows with a soft matte brown shadow (depending on your hair color, go two-three shades lighter than your color) and an eyebrow brush in small upward strokes to achieve a natural look.

– If you prefer a natural eye, add color to your lips and keep eyes neutral with a bit of mascara and liner. Instead of bright eyes, play with a purple lip ( Heroine by MAC cosmetics is a great lipstick) or a burgundy one. Besides intensifying your green eyes, a colored lipstick also attracts people to your lips.



photo credit: Zeusandhera

Here are a few tried & loved products for green eyes, and a great variety for you to scroll through :

Flash eyeshadow –

Smashbox eye shadow trio Panorama-

mac fluidline in Macroviolet –

duwop smoke palette plum/wine –

Cover Girl brown mascara lash blast – local drugstores

Smashbox cream eyeliner in Midnight purple-

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  • courtney

    I like this because even though I have brown eyes, green shadow seems to look best on me (as opposed to blue or even purples).  Thanks for the product recommendations too. If you have any other tips to share, we beauty lovers would love to hear about them in our Trends on!