Malory band review: the band that helps you lose weight

Weight loss products are abundant and everywhere nowadays. They all promise the same thing, but the last thing anyone considers is the damage some can cause.

What if I told you there was a product that would aid in weight loss by helping you be aware of overeating, and not cause any risk to your health. Good news, there is!

The Malory band


This little gadget is intended to assist you in your weight loss journey, without the dangers associated in weight loss supplements or pills . I first heard about the Malory band via this article woman loses 60 lbs with the help of a band, and was very interested in learning more.

How it works

It’s as simple as the instructions that come included.  The Malory band is pretty much an adjustable string worn around your waist, kind of like a belly chain (remember those?!) The whole purpose of wearing the band is for self awareness of your eating habits. The more you eat, the tighter it will get due to belly bloat from food. It’s kind of a reminder to stop you from overeating.

Overeating is an issue most people are unaware of. Unless you log a daily food journal, most of us underestimate the amount of actual calories consumed. The Malory band is not a magical tool that will shrink your belly, but it is a great aid to reinforce better eating habits. It’s a physical reminder that let’s you know “hey, you’re full don’t have that extra serving.”

My experience with the Malory band


The folks over at sent me a band to try out and see how I felt about their product. It arrived fairly quickly, and the packaging had a clean and elegant style. The Malory band itself was very comfortable to wear, and I liked the fact it includes a soft pouch to take your band everywhere and avoid losing it.

Everyone’s body is different, so for some, bloating from overeating is not an issue. If that’s your case, consider yourself lucky! I am not so lucky, and definitely get that bloated feeling on some occasions. I wore the Malory band all  weekend long, and found it to be a very good reminder to watch what I ate. Since it was the weekend, I did indulge a bit and noticed the band did what it was supposed to do; tighten up when it was time for me to stop eating.

Besides the physical reminder of the band tightening, it also seems to give you some motivation on making healthier choices of what you choose to eat. Of course, the band won’t change your eating habits; but if you are motivated to make a change the band is a good tool to keep you on track. I think the Malory band can be very useful if overeating is your issue, and you want to make a change. You feel the band while you are wearing it, so it helps to remind you to make better eating choices and not eat so much. It’s also a good tool if you have lost weight and want to maintain, since wearing it will prevent you from getting bigger.

Interested in trying out the Malory band for yourself? Check out their site and purchase options at

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