Maxi dresses for all occasions

Maxi dresses can be wonderful additions to anyone’s wardrobe, as they have so many benefits. They can be greater for the more curvaceous lady as they can be incredibly flattering, pulling in at just the right places. They can also be flattering for women of a shorter persuasion as the right cut can elongate the body.

An empire line maxi dress can be fantastic for those with larger stomachs, as the fabric skims straight past the lumps and bumps. They can even be fantastic for those of you lucky enough to be pregnant, because they do not constrict the stomach; and buying maternity specific versions is unnecessary, as an average maxi dress will do an equally good job and can be worn again afterwards. Personally, my favourite thing about maxi dresses is that they are versatile and light for the summer, yet keep length in mind.

Maxi dresses are very versatile as they work for all occasions. For example, you might be searching for the perfect prom dress; something elegant and flattering…

The dress above would be perfect for such an occasion. It has elegance and sophistication but is breathable and allows for plenty of movement. The bunched fabric around the bust accentuates the breasts and brings in your attention to the waist – so it is perfect for both rectangular body shapes and hourglasses.

How about work? Particularly in the summer, you will find that your work wardrobe becomes uncomfortable and rigid. When it’s warm, you want something loose fitting and light. But loose fitting doesn’t have to mean frumpy. The dress below is perfect for such occasions.

It is sophisticated, and the black and white look can be incredibly formal. Paired with a tailored jacket, this dress can be perfect for the office and can be instantly modified for lunch in the park with your love.
And finally, we come to the summer. Particularly your holiday wardrobe. You want a mixture of outfits to choose from, but you want them all to be stylish. The dress to the right is just that. The bright fuchsia colour of the dress means it is incredibly fashionable at the moment, and the details draw your eyes to the waist. It is perfect during the day as it is summery and light, but also for an evening out. Just pair it with some glamorous jewellery to bring it straight into the evening.

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