Murmansky: read before you buy

Scanning websites for cute clothes, jewelry, shoes, and other items is one of my hobbies.

Today I came across the stylish w-bear down jackets from Parajumpers in Italy.

These jackets look stylish, super comfy, and are all the rage in the LA fashion scene right now.

They are also made with a fur trim made out of murmansky.

Murmansky fur? I had never heard of it, I just figured it was some funny name for a synthetic type of fur. Thats when I decided to do research. If you search murmansky into google and wikipedia not much shows up, but when looking for murmansky fur I came across this news article.
According to this article murmansky is… wait for it….


“Murmansky (Nyctereutes Procyonides)”, or raccoon dog – a wild canid originally from eastern Siberia, northern China and Japan.


Once again citing the earlier BBC News article:

According to the Humane Society of the United States, which has carried out a large undercover investigation in Asia over the past few years, some Chinese manufacturers have admitted they would attach any label to the garments to make them more marketable.

The US organisation estimates that about two million dogs and cats are slaughtered in Asia each year and used in the clothing industry.

Personally, I think this is gross. Just more proof that you need to read labels and research before you buy!


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    Sam Urman

    I agree with Kelly. Labelling “Tanuki” or “Murmansky” as a “dog” breed is a trick of the anti-fur movement to alienate people. Tanuki is a very dramatic fur and looks especially beautiful as a parka trimming.

  2. 8

    Woudl you like to be tied up and skinned alive for some messed up persons vanity? For that comment I'd be happy to do that to you:)

  3. 9

    Sam, I wouldn't wear fox either. Perhaps we should stop looking at every living thing on this earth (to include humans) as a reservoir for spare parts and accessories.

    By the way, could I use some of your skin to accent this lovely pair of boots I got as an early Christmas present?

  4. 11

    I have a parajumpers gobi
    jacket with a murmansky hood. It is absolutely awesome!!! Thanks little racoon dog 🙂

  5. 12

    For information: raccoon dogs can climb trees and
    hibernate, so they are far from being dogs in our understanding. In addition,
    by statistics, 60% of them are killed by wolfs in any case – I guess they are tear apart not neatly. Raccoon dogs
    are very harmful to game birds population, to kitchen gardens, corn
    seedlings, melon cultivation, vineyards, etc.  

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