Nordgreen minimalist watches

Clean, simple and classic. Those were my first thoughts upon opening my Nordgreen Philosopher watch in rose gold. The packaging and watch both match that beautiful and minimalist look Jakob Wagner, the designer, was going for.

Philosopher watch in rose gold

Nordgreen is a Copenhagen-based Danish watch brand, designed by Jakob Wagner, one of the most renowned Scandinavian designers. Their website offers a variety of minimalist watches in different styles. All watches allow for interchangeable straps, so you can easily change from a rose gold mesh strap, to a dove grey vegan leather one depending on your mood or outfit. They are a sustainable company that puts out products with their client in mind. They also have a giving back program, which has made an impact on various charities including; Cool Earth and Water for Good. Check out their Nordgreen Giving Back Program to learn more and see their efforts in providing clean water, education, and protecting our rain forest.

I was provided a Nordgreen watch to wear and share my thoughts on, and decided to go with the Philosopher watch in rose gold.

It is a Japanese quartz movement watch, with a mesh rose gold strap that measures 18mm in width. All Nordgreen watch straps are interchangeable and the watch itself is water resistant. The case width I chose is 36mm, they also have a 40mm option but I prefer it to not be too big. My wrists are pretty small, so a 36mm gives a slightly oversized, modern look. The case is stainless steel and also rose gold, there are also other color options in this design. I love the fact that it also displays the day.

My Nordgreen Philosopher watch feels comfortable and is adjustable for smaller or larger wrists. It feels light and makes a great fashion statement. I chose this style specifically for the fact I can wear it with formal or casual wear. I am not a watch enthusiast, but am extremely pleased with how beautiful my Philosopher watch wears. It calls for attention, even though it has a minimalist design. Based on the integrity of the company and appeal of their designs, I recommend you check them out. Visit here.

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