Nu Brilliance wrinkle reducer review

My new favorite wrinkle reducer= Nu Brilliance

I’m 35 and it seems that gravity becomes the enemy in your thirties and leaves its tracks all over your face! After having a baby, I decided that I’m not going down without a fight and needles are not an option. I’ve been told time and time again that regular microdermabrasion is the only way to rejuvinate skin and keep it from aging. The problem with that is that microderm ain’t cheap! So, I caught a Nu Brilliance infomercial late one night and was hooked. I’m NOT a sucker for ALL products, but if I find myself watching an infomercial for more than 10 minutes, then it must be worth trying.

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After a record 20 minutes of watching amazing results from Nu Brilliance, I decided to give it a try. With a money back guarantee, how could I go wrong? I placed the order and received my package about a week later. It was so easy to get started and the Nu Brilliance kit comes with moisturizing cream and collagen booster that really seemed to work. It also comes with dozens of filters and three different types of diamond heads, depending on what body parts you are working on. I’ve been using Nu Brilliance for about a month and it truly has worked for me. My skin is smoother and even has a dewy look to it now. I have to give it to Nu Brilliance, they have me hooked and I highly recommend giving this beauty product a try!


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