Nude makeup tutorial

A great way to wear makeup and still look natural is by trying a nude look.

Nude makeup looks are all about your skin looking fresh and dewy, without looking like you’re even wearing any makeup. All you need is eyeliner, mascara, nude lipstick, and a highlighting blush that will give your skin a natural-looking glow. You don’t really need concealer or foundation unless you prefer them, or your skin has many blemishes.

This nude lipstick by Koh Gen Do applies smooth and soft on your lips. It protects your lips from getting dry, as it provides them with a natural sheen of color.

Shisheido offers a smooth eyeliner pencil with a sponge tip applicator on the other end, which is a great idea when you want to blend your liner a bit or smudge it when doing a more sultry look.

Urban Decay’s big fatty mascara creates full, long lashes. It’s infused with hemp oil to keep lashes moisturized and the extra large brush defines them without clumping. The final result is long, thick and glossy lashes which can easily be mistaken for falsies.

Blushes vary depending on your skin tone, but peachy shades can be very flattering and most tones. If you’re in the fair to medium range try MAC’s powder blush in “Gingerly” or “Coppertone” for the apples of your cheeks to get a glowing appearance. “Harmony” is great to contour, just be sure to blend both shades well to create a natural balanced look.

Get your cheeks glowing with MAC’s Surf Baby powder for a gold and dewy overspray.

This quick look doesn’t require much makeup and is perfect for when you want an awake, glowing face. You can also play up your eyes a bit more by applying a nice gold eyeshadow, or stick to a more simple approach. Check out the video below for a pretty tutorial on natural-looking makeup.

What’s your nude makeup look routine?!

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    Wow! This was great! I really want to try that mask! You have such a calm and soothing voice! What can you use if you are darker skin. I’d imagine that white wouldn’t do maybe a nude or something?

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