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Tips on buying the best jeans for your body

Finding the perfect jeans can sometimes be a struggle. Which is why I’ve compiled a few tips to help you find a pair that’s both flattering to your shape and comfortable 🙂   photo credit: limpciano The most important part about buying jeans is how

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Little Black Dress

A little black dress is a must in your wardrobe. Going to a party, date, business event, or dinner with friends?Can’t go wrong with a classic black dress. Here’s a link to one that I found which is pretty flattering for most body shapes since

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Murmansky: read before you buy

Scanning websites for cute clothes, jewelry, shoes, and other items is one of my hobbies. Today I came across the stylish w-bear down jackets from Parajumpers in Italy. These jackets look stylish, super comfy, and are all the rage in the LA fashion scene right

Shelf life of beauty products

Have you ever wondered “How long does my makeup last before it goes bad?” Women sometimes store beauty products for quite a while or until the container is empty, but in reality these products do have an expiration date. When products go bad they don’t

Tips to help prevent getting a cold

Winter time is also known as “the cold season” and for most people it’s hard not to catch one. Colds are caused by one of over 200 viruses, but by following these tips you can try and avoid getting sick. It’s always harder to enjoy

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Lose weight and keep it off

The hardest part of losing weight is getting started, once you start seeing results you’ll get hooked and it will be smooth sailing from there! Losing ten lbs overnight is unrealistic. Losing ten lbs in one month can be accomplished. The recommended amount of weight