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Less can be more

Makeup is defined as cosmetics used to accentuate or change your appearance. In good taste, makeup can make you look like a flawless version of yourself.  Sometimes girls opt for a little (or a lot) more and look way overdone. photo credit: ~ aliwin ~

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Dry Skin fixes

Ever wonder how to get rid of the dry and chapped skin you get, especially around winter time? Dry skin happens for various reasons including genetics, diet, vitamin deficiencies, skin conditions and most often environmental factors. Around winter, temperatures drop, the air is dryer, and

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Stop sugar cravings

Sitting around on an empty stomach is the perfect chance for those dreaded sugar cravings to arise. Imagine working late waiting around for the clock to tick faster with a vending machine inviting you to try its goodies. It’s hard to resist the temptation when

Kawasaki Disease Awareness

Kawasaki Disease is a serious heart condition affecting young children. Kawasaki Disease is an important issue facing children today. It is especially important to me because my beautiful niece is a kawasaki survivor and i feel urged to dedicate this special post towards raising awareness

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LED light eyelashes

Strange yet very unique! That’s how I would describe LED eyelashes. What exactly are LED eyelashes? I asked myself that same question when I was forwarded the idea to write a blog on it. LED ( light emitting diode) eyelashes are pretty much artificial lashes

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love your pumps

Love high-heeled shoes?! The majority of women sure do, for very good reasons too. Go try on a pair of sleek and tall leather stilettos and tell me you don’t automatically feel sexier. Not there yet? here’s a few other reasons why heels rock. Whether