Retro glam fashion

Retro fashion is all about fun fitted clothes, pin curls and red lips!

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Retro inspired style is a classic look that still remains a fashionable trend. These vintage looks are all about feminine clothes and shoes. Fancy hair and natural yet dramatic makeup. Many online boutiques offer vintage inspired fashion, as well as shoes and accessories designed with this lovely era in mind. Check out My Vintage inspired Dresses post sponsored by Stop Staring Clothing!

Here are a few retro inspired clothes, shoes and accessories. A great thing about this style is that you can have fun with it and create outfits and looks revolving around your own personal style. This style allows you to use your personality and personal fashion sense to create unique and glamorous outfits and hairstyles.



These pumps will add a fun and flirty feel to an already feminine look. Stripes, neutrals and bold colors are all lovely options when creating a vintage inspired look.



For that classic vintage glam look, think strong eyebrows, long lashes, and red lips. Makeup should be natural looking with some contrast. Below is a tutorial which shows steps to a vintage inspired look.

The overall result is a soft yet dramatic look with the thick lash effect. Wear it with nude lips, pink or classic red. Pin-up inspired hair involves a lot of body,  pin curls, and a pompadour. This look is all about classic style and glamorous appeal. It’s a trend that will not fade as long as it keeps attracting the attention of fashion lovers all around.

What’s your favorite thing about classic vintage style?!

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