7 tips to save money on clothes

You can own enough clothes and still believe you have nothing to wear! Here’s seven  tips you can use  to get the best out of your shopping without over spending.

1. Shop with cash- doing this will make you think before you spend money you don’t have. Credit cards and checks allows you the freedom to borrow and pay later, save that for necessities like bills or gas. Using cash for clothes will help you get the best deals by making you keep track of what you’re spending.

2. Instead of spending a hiked up price for coats check out discount chains like Ross, TJ Maxx, or Burlington, sometimes you’ll find the exact coats at a better value. All you need is a couple hours, your best shopping buddy and some comfy shoes.

3. Consider shopping for clothes online. You will usually find better prices and similar return policies.

4. Don’t always believe sales!

5. Wait after new arrivals to do your shopping, they later lower the prices.

6. Buy pieces you can match with items you already own to get various outfits. This is easier if you stick to neutral colors such as black, dark brown, gray and navy blue. Then buy a couple colorful accessories and pieces to make the outfits your own.

7. Vintage! Yes, it’s still a great tip to go to rummage sales or Goodwill to try and find clothes at unbeatable prices.

Do you have any tips about saving on fashion?!


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