Why you should always eat breakfast

Eat breakfast like a queen! Meaning, don’t skip and eat plenty of it!

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Most of your day’s energy is derived from the first nourishing source you provide your body with, though many people skip this important meal due to whatever reason. This is a bad habit, if you too skip or don’t eat sufficient during breakfast, start getting in the habit of doing so!

A breakfast rich in protein will give you the energy to get through the day, and keep hunger at bay until lunch time. It also prevents cravings which lead to unhealthy snacking and overeating. Eating breakfast gets your metabolism going, helps maintain a healthy weight, and will help keep you on track when you’re conscious on what you’re eating. Breakfast provides your body with minerals and vitamins, gives you energy and helps with concentration. If you decide to skip breakfast, you might find it hard to keep focused while at school or work, and even get cranky or a headache after a long period of time.

The best meals consist of protein and fiber rich foods, which means avoid processed and sugary ones. Eating a donut or other pastry and washing it down with your favorite energy drink won’t do much for your body, except hike up your glucose levels and crash down after a couple hours. This exposes you to wanting more sugar, rather than getting any actual nutrition. Cereal is glorified as a quick and nutritious option, though it most often is loaded with sugar and starches which won’t provide your body with enough energy or nutrients. The best breakfast, especially when you want to satisfy your hunger and maintain a healthy weight, is made up of fiber and protein. Eat eggs, or egg whites, with beans, some type of meat, and a side of veggies. Eating protein and fiber will keep your body fueled until your next meal, making it easier to get through the day.

Here are a few protein and fiber rich breakfast options:
  1. Heat cooked beans in a frying pan, preferably black or pinto, and add two eggs. Scramble eggs with beans, and add some spinach. Eat with a side of cooked ham.
  2. Cook two eggs sunny side up, or to your preference, and eat with a side of cooked turkey sausage. To incorporate veggies, cut up half a tomato into thin slices and season with pepper.
  3. Heat cooked ground beef in a pan, and add two eggs. Scramble eggs and beef, and add some spinach. Eat with a side of lentils and a turkey patty.

If you honestly don’t have time to make a real meal for breakfast, at least drink a protein shake and grab some veggies or a Greek yogurt on the go. Got any breakfast tips you’d like to share? Comment below!

What’s your take on this topic? Do you agree with eating breakfast daily, or most often skip it? Share below!



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