Sigma makeup brushes review

I purchased my first set of Sigma beauty makeup brushes well over a year ago and must say it was a great investment at a very good price.

I decided on the travel kit nice in pink, which has 7 essential makeup brushes including: large powder brush, duo fibre brush (for an airbrush-style effect), large angled contour blush brush, eye-shading brush, concealer brush, tapered blending brush, and pencil brush for precise color application. You get 7 brushes in a very cute pink metallic clutch, making this kit perfect for travel or makeup on the go. These brushes are priced at $49, but Sigma hooks it up with a free gift! Click here to visit
Before buying my Sigma kit, i used Mac and Sonia Kashuks line of brushes.Two very opposite lines, Mac is pretty expensive and Sonia Kashuk is priced pretty low, but they got the job done. I’d consider Sigma brushes to be a good alternative to Mac, not as expensive but pretty good quality, and definitely better than Sonia Kashuks line. With the money i spent on my Sigma kit, i would’ve probably been able to purchase two Mac brushes…
Makeup brushes can be expensive, so if you plan to splurge make sure to invest in a good Makeup brush cleaner
Clean your brushes after every use and hang them upside down to dry so the water won’t rust the metal part. If you want your brushes to remain in good condition, don’t skip this step!

Have you tried Sigma beauty products?! I’d love to hear your opinion in the comments!

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