Silver and gold

If you like neutral colors, metallics are a great alternative to try.

Golds can look very glamorous and silvers are a more subtle way to try these metallic trends. Sequins are a flashy way to wear metallics and look great on purses and jackets. Try gold or silver pumps when wearing jeans for a casual chic look. Here are five ways to style this metallic trend.

Silver accessories always look classy. Grungy rings like the ones below add an edgy look to your outfit.

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Gold and lace shoes look great when paired with a black cocktail dress, or skinny jeans for a more casual look.

Silver sequins can jazz up any look. This sequined jacket adds a glam touch to a plain white t-shirt.

Gold lipstick is the ultimate way to lavish your lips!

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A silver handbag is a cute accessory for an evening dress, especially one with floral accents like this one.

What’s your favorite metallic color to wear and how do you style this trend?!

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