How to get smokey eyes

Achieve sultry smokey eyes by following these simple steps!

1. Start with a clean face.
Wash ,dry, and apply moisturizer using circular motions on  your face.

2. Apply primer over entire eyelid
Use an eyeshadow primer over your entire eyelid to prevent color fading and creases.

3. Apply base eyeshadow.
Using a shader brush apply ricepaper shadow from the tear duct of your eye up and across below your eyebrow, and over your eyelid. With small circular motions sweep a blending brush over the shadow  to blend the color.  Use white frost shadow around the tear duct and just below your lower lash line.

4. Use a charcoal shadow  for a classic look or add purple/ blue shadows for a colorful smokey eye.
Using an angled brush apply black shadow from the outer corner of your eye and up on the crease just below your brow bone. use a blending brush to soften up the look by going over the black shadow in small circular sweeps. Keep using  the blending brush to apply more shadow and blend until you are satisfied with the intensity. Grab white frost shadow using a shader  brush and sweep it from your tear duct and across your eyelid.
5. Rim eyes with liner and apply mascara.
Using an eyeliner brush apply fluidline in blacktrack ( if you need help applying liner, refer to this previous post:How to apply liquid eyeliner ) from the inner corner of your eye all the way across. Carefully line your lower lash line ensuring not to poke or get product in your eye. Apply mascara to your top and bottom lashes, curl them and apply falsies for a more dramatic effect. Check out the video in this previous post, Makeup problems & solutions, to apply single lashes like a pro.

Check out Smokey eye video tutorials for different looks!

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