Snakes in a spa

Snakes have a bad reputation as being evil and feared by many, but some believe they give the best massage possible.

There are many massage styles involving aromatherapy, hot stones, deep tissue, and Shiatsu, to name a few, but have you ever heard of getting a massage by snakes?!?

Would you be willing to put your fear aside and let those snakes slither down your back?

Can you imagine that scaly-dry skin slithering down your back, or that split tongue licking your face?

Those who have visited ADA BARAK’S CARNIVOROUS PLANT FARM in Israel and have experienced the $80 spa treatment find it soothing and relaxing. Some patients say the snake therapy can even treat migraines. The snakes used are all non-venomous. Small ones are used to massage the face and neck areas and the larger ones focus on your back.

If you can’t stand the thought of snakes sliding down your body…

How about a rodent foot massage?

Ada Barak offers a rodent-style massage. In which rats and mice are placed on your feet and they work their fuzzy little bodies to rid you of stress.

ADA BARAK’S CARNIVOROUS PLANT FARM started as a way for Ada to display her pet snakes as well as her carnivorous plants which eat anything from insects to small mammals. She decided her snakes would be great masseurs when she started getting positive feedback on her snakes relaxing visitors and friends who held them.

What do you think of this different massage technique? Would you prefer the snake massage or the rodent one?!? Check out the video below for a snake massage being performed.

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