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Protect your eyes in style!

We are only in April, and already many of us are having to don a pair of trusty sunglasses to protect our eyes from glare and harmful UV rays! If you are like me, and you need to replace your shades on an annual basis due to breakage or loss during the colder period, then you may be wondering what styles are set to be at the forefront of 2011’s style stakes.

Sunglasses have always been quite the statement accessory thanks to their popularity with the A List. You will want to ensure that people are looking at your hidden peepers for the right reasons! So what styles are transitioning from the catwalk and into our high street stores this summer?

Oversized sunglasses have always been popular with celebrities, but recently quite a number of stars have been spotted sporting ones with butterfly shaped frames; including actress Nicole Ritchie, socialite Kim Kardashian and pop chart stormer and fashion icon Rihanna who is wearing Prada’s P18IS in the picture above. If the $229 (£140) price tag is a little too high for you don’t despair, because the style will definitely be popping up within many local stores soon. ​


People with rounder faces may worry that oversized shades will draw unwanted negative attention to their face shape, but you should remember that large square shapes are also available and very flattering. The butterfly shape is a great medium between circular and square extra-large frames.

50s Cat eye frames are wider at the top than they are at the bottom, and are another retro shape making a comeback with Miu Miu’s collection making great impact on the catwalks of March’s Paris Fashion Week. Movie star Scarlett Johansson, pop firework Katy Perry as well as the legendary Lady Gaga (pictured above) were recently seen donning this variety.

Printed frames are sure to be a hit as well, as are John Lennon-esque pop art frames with the ever stylish Welsh singer/songwriter Marina Diamondis (of Marina and the Diamonds) at the forefront of the look. Her white and red stripy pair (which drew a lot of attention from both the mainstream and fashion press) may be a tad too garish for your own taste, but thankfully such frames are available in a wide range of colours and more understated variants. So there is bound to be a pair that matches your style! Anna Sui and Lanvin also embraced this style in their recent collections (see below).

Of all of the sunglasses on offer this year, I particularly love Dolce and Gabbana’s current supermodel Naomi Campbell endorsed Animalier collection. Which integrates the key fashion aesthetics of bold colours, patterns and statement sizes to achieve THE ultimate shades for 2011. Great for lovers of animal print like me!

In conclusion, shades this summer are all about having fun while embracing your inner celebrity ego! Although the trends indicate that a bog standard pair of sunglasses is too boring for ‘11, it is possible to integrate the same impending trends into more understated frames. Experiment with a number of different styles to find your ideal pair and remember to wear your chosen set with the best accessory of all..CONFIDENCE!

As an outreach coordinator for SelectSpecs sunglasses, Kat Cole has to keep up to date with all of the latest eyewear trends. Her sunglasses style of choice is those with oversized, butterfly frames so she is really glad they are making a comeback in ’11!

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