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10 hairstyles for long hair

Have long hair and looking for a new look?!   Check out a few styles below to get inspired, all of them are fairly long if you are not looking into sacrificing length. A good tip is to take a picture with you to the salon as a visual aid for your hairstylist, and to be very vocal about what look you expect.


1. Long and sleek with straight across bangs-  this look frames most face shapes well.  It’s a good harmony for high cheekbones or a squared jaw, and perfect cure for large foreheads.

2. Long and wavy with a middle part-  works good on round and oval faces, and balances off a long face.


3. Long layers with side swept bangs-  this style works well with almost all face shapes. Side bangs are a great option, since they can be worn on either side or swept back with a clip. This hairstyle works perfect on round faces.


4. Lots of body and lots of curls-  adding lots of layers to curly hair is a good way to manage over-frizzies and a puffy look. Keeping long bangs that frame your face is a nice way to call attention to high cheekbones.

5. Long bob-  this style isn’t too lengthy, but it is a longer version of a bob cut. Nice choice for round, oval and heart shaped faces. Very easy to manage on straight hair.

6. Long and curly with bangs-  softens square and rectangle-shaped faces, and looks gorgeous on round and heart-shaped frames.

7. Long and feathered-  The ” Farrah” a never-fading classic. Works well with long oval shapes by adding lots of texture and volume. Beware if you have very curly or lots of volume already in your hair, as this look is a bit high-maintenance.

8. An updated mullet-look-  can’t decide if you want it long or short? Try this look which can easily be transformed into a short bob with bobby pins, or keep the length in the back layers.

9. Long and parted to the side-  sometimes switching parts can give you a new look. Straight on top with long layered waves adorn an oval and round face very nicely.


10. Long and wavy with lots of layers- this hairstyle works well on balancing all frames, keeping short layers by your face allows you to add more body to your do and can easily be pinned back.

Which is your favorite style for long hair?!

How to wear red lips: a classic trend

Red is the color of passion! Red lips always look more luscious and appear to look fuller.

image credit

This trend is pretty vintage, yet won’t ever grow old. Since the color makes a bold statement when dealing with makeup, it’s a good idea to go light on the rest of your face. Meaning opting for more natural-looking eyes and cheeks. A few ladies prefer not to mess with red lipstick due to the fact it can be pretty tricky to pull off wearing it. A nice way to wear it is with just a bit of eyeliner and mascara and peachy/ bronzed cheeks. Just enough makeup to draw attention to the main focus, your lips.

A few brands of makeup promise all-day lasting red lips, personally one of my favorite red lipsticks is Revlon’s Fire & Ice. It applies very smooth, and the color is true to the swatch at the store. I don’t like using the store testers, so I’m pretty happy with my purchase when a product looks as good on my lips as it did on the actual swatch. Here are a few red lipsticks to look through.

Whether you’re dressed down or getting all fancy, red lips are a nice option either way. As i mentioned, red lipstick makes lips look more full and another great thing, they make teeth look whiter. It is possible to pull off smokey eyes and red lips at once, but it’s recommended for a night look. Personally, when wearing red lips not much makeup is required as the color is bold enough on its own.

image credit

When applying red lipstick, be sure to use a lip liner to seal your pucker and avoid any bleeding of the color from occuring. Also, first apply chapstick for a smooth application. Since there are many shades of red, it’s a smart idea to to try a shade you feel more comfortable with. Whether it’s darker red, like a burgundy or a classic firetruck red. Winged eyeliner, with lots of mascara is a nice choice for a vintage feel when paired with red lips. Be sure to fill in your brows for a dramatic, yet natural feel. Use a bronze blush for a high-cheekbone look, and a peachy blush on the apples of your cheeks for a dewy complexion. Red lipstick is a fun way to play with makeup, but the most important feauture when wearing this daring shade is confidence 🙂

Do you like wearing red lipstick?! What is your favorite brand and shade?!

Owl fashion trend

Owls are said  to represent wisdom and mystic ways. When it comes to fashion, they definitely make a great statement…

image credit

Owl rings make for an interesting piece of jewelry. Those mystifying eyes call for attention, especially when seen on printed tees and long-chained pendants. Check out a few owl-inspired fashion pieces below, my favorite has got to be that owl bangle. This trend is definitely a wise choice!

Glitter owl ring by Rachel Roy

Rhinestone owl earrings by Full Tilt

Metal owl pendant by ASOS

Pink owl ring by ASOS

Owl tank top by Full Tilt

Owl graphic tee by Lauren Moshi

Owl clamp bangle by ASOS


What’s your favorite piece?! Got any owl rings or fashion pieces of your own?!

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Wild about animal print!

Animal print comes in any style clothing, shoes, and accessories.

This wild trend doesn’t look tacky, especially when incorporating one piece to your outfit. If you don’t feel like wearing a cheetah print top is your style, don’t despair as you can easily find a lovely cheetah print pair of heels, earrings or even a belt. Unless animal print from head-to-toe is your style, check out these cute items which can easily match with any outfit. Another great thing about this type of print is that colors are usually neutral, unless you shop for a funky pink zebra top or blue cheetah pumps, and even then these items will balance a neutral outfit with a wild pop of color!

Cheetah print dress by ASOS

This cute and comfortable dress is a great neutral option. A very feminine shape perfectly paired with black pumps or flats. Add a bright blue or yellow pair of hoop earrings if you want to add some color to this outfit!

Funky Zebra print tote by Hadaki

This casual tote is perfect for everyday wear, or for when you need to brighten up an outfit with cool accessories.

Cheetahlicious pumps by Aldo

These adorable pumps are perfect to glam up a little black dress. Open-toe with a concealed platform will make these your favorite pumps when you want to show off your wild style.

Leopard print skinny belt by Express

If you’re shy on this trend, or can’t necessarily wear animal print to work, try a low-key belt! This skinny belt looks great with slacks as shown on the picture, or cinched around your waist over a nice black dress.

Sequin embellished leopard print swimsuit by Manoush

This pretty aqua one piece is a great choice to lounge around the pool or take on vacation. Wear it as a halter, or take off the tie to turn it into a tube top piece. Colorful and fun makes a perfect combination for a great time by the pool.

Leopard print scarf by Alejandra Sky

Stylish even in cold weather! This trend is versatile from the warmer seasons all the way to the cold seasons. Wrap an animal print scarf around your neck to add a wild flair to a plain t-shirt.

Leopard pencil skirt by Charter Club

Pair this adorable skirt with a black top and pumps for a cute yet professional looking outfit.

I adore those pumps and aqua swimsuit, they’re adorable! As well as the pencil skirt, well I pretty much like all these picks that’s why I shared them with you!

Which is your favorite animal print fashion item?!

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Color block makeup

Bright makeup is a fun, trendy look for the summer!

Color blocking involves matching two or more shades for a fun way to play up color. This fashion trend also extends to the beauty scene. Either by blending two bright eye shadows to create a colorful  look, or by wearing a colorful array of makeup all over. Check out these lovely pictures for inspiration and create your own color block look.

Which is your favorite color block makeup look?!
  • Color block your eyes by mixing a bright blue eyeliner with hints of gold shadow and matte berry lips.

image credit

  • Play up blue eyes with greens, teal, and white shadows. A dark and well defined line on your upper lashes makes for an intense look.

image credit

  • This look is for the daring! Very intense bursts of color with a blocked shape to match.

image credit

  • This is a perfect way to color block for summertime! The colors blend so well to create delicious looking lips. Pair with a confident smile!

image credit

  • This is my favorite image. Mixing lime green lids with an intense black line on your upper lashes, and red-berry lips blends in perfect harmony when color blocking. Perhaps a bit intense for most, but looks lovely on this model.

image credit

Would you try color blocking your makeup?! Whats your favorite color combinations to play with?!

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Oversized sunglasses

Sunglasses are a great way to fend off harmful rays, and add a fashionable accessory to your look.

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UV rays from the sun can be harmful over time, not only to your skin, but also to your eyesight. It can also be hard to see and sometimes dangerous when there’s a giant glare while driving. Oversized sunglasses are one of the most popular frames, because they come in various shapes and sizes, which make them flattering on most face shapes.

The oversized style frame was made popular and chic by fashion icons like Jackie Onassis, who made these shades pretty trendy. The retro glam look has been updated with funky designs and bright colors, but a classic black frame with matching lenses remain a classic.

image credit

Oversized sunglasses are a fashionable accessory since you can choose from various shapes and colors, and they also offer great protection from the sun since they cover a large area on your face. To ensure sunglasses actually offer a safe amount of protection from UV rays, look for the CE mark. This mark is a European trademark indicating sufficient UV protection is offered.

Splurge a bit with these oversized shades…

Oversized style by Marc Jacobs




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Havana horsebit by Gucci




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New York “ola 2” polarized by Kate Spade




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Oversized design by Christian Dior




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Large glamour frame by Dolce & Gabbana




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Or check out these steals…

Oversized sunglasses by Jessica Simpson


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Tortoise oversized by Betsey Johnson

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Oversized style by Kenneth Cole Reaction

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Tortoise shell oversized by White house

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Large oversized by Steve Madden

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Oversized sunglasses have a retro glam appeal to them, but not everyone prefers this style.
What’s your favorite pair of sunglasses?!