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Catherine Jinn pro bio-placenta essence serum review

The K-beauty culture is based around prevention, and so is Catherine Jinns’ pro bio-placenta essence. This anti-aging serum provides a cutting edge combo of skin rejuvenating ingredients; and was specifically made for those of us who care about our skin, but are too busy for a lengthy routine…

Catherine Jinn is a company that created pro bio-placenta essence, a serum that mimics all the benefits real placenta has. It is paraben-free, fragrance free, and not tested on animals. It was developed in South Korea, and manufactured in the US. Which is why the name is ,Catherine Jinn, bringing two cultures together to create a product with the best of both. 

When I was first contacted by their company to see if I was interested in sampling their pro bio-placenta essence, I was a little hesitant due to the word placenta in their product. But after checking out their product and company more in depth, I agreed. This product is made of five safely synthesized growth factors that compare to a real placenta. A growth factor is a substance that is required for the stimulation of growth in living cells. It is biotechnologically engineered to mimic what is found in placenta, but doesn’t actually use real placenta. 

Why placenta, you might be asking. Aging is caused by loss of growth factors, which are found in placenta. By creating a product that mimics what is found in placenta, it in turn helps reduce signs of aging.  

I have been testing out Catherine Jinns’ pro bio-placenta essence serum for a little over a month, and I actually really like this product. Personally, I prefer a serum over a lotion for my face because I feel it is lighter and leaves more of a glow on my face. The serum doesn’t smell, it’s very light and two pumps are enough for your face and neck. It is said to be formulated to rejuvenate the skin, and fight crow’s feet around eyes. I have started noticing crow’s feet showing around my eyes, which have diminished this past month of using the bio-placenta essence serum. They are still there when I squint or smile, but no longer show on my resting face. I also noticed my eyebrows growing in, I started losing some of my eyebrow hairs due to pregnancy. I am not sure if it is related to the bio-placenta, but it did occur around the same time as I have been using it. 

I noticed no skin dryness, redness, irritation, or breakouts. ( two thumbs up for that ūüôā ) I literally used facial soap and the serum daily and that’s it.  I used the serum morning and before bed. Applied on my face and neck in a circular motion, especially focusing on the skin around my eyes. It blends into your skin, doesn’t leave any residue or scent behind. I love that about serum, no oily, shiny skin or heaviness to it.

I truly liked this product, and will continue to use it since it has worked out for me. A whole bottle costs $73.97, but it will last you a long time. If you are a busy person, a new mom, or someone who wants a quick cleansing routine, I highly recommend this. The price might seem steep, but considering it’s a big bottle of serum, and the only product you need after washing, it’s worth it. Don’t be scared to splurge on your cleansing routine, especially when it’s on a product that goes directly on your face. Try it out for yourself at CatherineJinn.com or check out their other products. 

             Image via CatherineJinn.com 

*though I did receive a bottle of pro-bio placenta essence serum free of cost, I was not compensated or told what to say. The company simply asked for a review on my blog sharing how I felt after using the product. I strive on providing honest reviews here, whether I purchased the product or received it for free.

Considering eyelash extensions? Check out my experience and review first!

When I was about seven years old, I decided it would be a good idea to cut my eyelashes. Very short, almost to the point where I had no eyelashes left. A decision I wasn’t bothered by much when I was younger, but as I have grown I always wondered if my eyelashes would be much longer if I would’ve never cut them off. So when I heard about the awesome procedure that gave you long and luscious eyelashes, with upkeep, I went for it.

I was at the salon, getting my nails done, when I saw a special they were having on eyelash extensions and decided to get them done. I knew this place was good, and had yelped them on their services prior to my visit. The technician was pretty fast, with the whole process taking about an hour and a half. She guided me through what she was going to do. And once she was done, provided me with aftercare instructions. She advised me not to let water touch my lashes for the next 48 hours to ensure the lashes adhere well and remain put. Also gave me a lash comb,(which is pretty much a small mascara wand) so I could  brush them, as well as remove anything that could get caught on them. She also told me to wash them with baby soap to keep them gently clean. Then came the fun part, I got to check out my pretty lashes in the mirror! I was so happy with my beautiful, LONG, and curled lashes; I could not wait to go show them off!

Before eyelash extensions 

After eyelash extensions 

I followed instructions that were provided and went back for a fill after three weeks. I kept the routine going for about six months, then due to a busier schedule decided to say farewell to my pretty long lashes.

Overall, I loved the experience of having lash extensions. I liked the fact I didn’t have to apply any eye makeup or eyeliner and still felt put together. They got me lots of compliments, ¬†and since I chose a natural yet dramatic look, they could pass as my own. Once all my extensions fell out, I noticed my natural lashes seemed shorter. And since I already had small lashes to begin with, that was not a good thing. I was worried the extensions had damaged my natural lashes, but within a month or so my lashes lengthened out. Perhaps I was just so used to having long lashes, once they were gone I had to get reacquainted with my natural lashes. Or maybe the weight of the extensions caused temporary damage to my natural ones. Either way, my lashes are back to normal.

If you are wondering whether or not you should get lash extensions,  I say go for it. However, check out the place you go to prior to getting them done to ensure they know what they are doing. Also, ask questions before you get them done to be sure your technician is knowledgeable. And be prepared to commit time and money to your lashes. Fills take about 30-45 minutes and range from $70 and up, and they must be done every 2-4 weeks. The first application ranges from $100 and up depending on the type of lashes you are getting and usually take about 2 hours to apply.

If you’d rather go the temporary route to long and lustrous lashes, ¬†check out a few good falsies and mascaras below.

Easy Beauty Care Hacks

Check out this nice infographic featuring beauty hacks sent to us from Ogle Beauty School in Texas.

They’ve put together a nice list of a few clever ways to save money and time by using things you may already have lying around your home like vaseline, apple cider vinegar and coconut oil.¬†They also provide a few beauty hacks on using makeup you may already have for another purpose than its original intended use.

Browse the beauty hacks below and let us know what you think. Do they actually work? Are some of them just a bit too much for you (we’re not so sure about egg whites as hair gel ūüėČ Do you have some beauty hacks of your own to share?

Leave a comment with your best beauty hack and we will post it or even feature it on this website!

See the beauty hacks infographic below:

Get Gorgeous with these Amazing Beauty Hacks
Get Gorgeous with these Amazing Beauty Hacks Brought to you by Ogle School

Best makeup for blue eyes

Enhance blue eyes and make them stand out with complementary colors.

As with green eyes, complementary colors for blue can be found by looking at colors directly across from the color wheel. Colors to enhance blue eyes are those in the orange and yellow families. Think copper, rust, gold and such shades.

image credit

Just because complementary colors are recommended,¬†doesn’t¬†mean other colors are off limits. Those are simply colors that better contrast your eye color in color theory as they are furthest away. Blues, greens and purples can also look great on blue eyes, but are not complementary. Check out great products to make your blue eyes pop, but in the end wear whatever colors fit your style and you are comfortable in.

A few products to brighten blues…

Laura Mercier baked eyeshadow- this beautiful shade lasts all day and has a vibrant look. This hue works great alone or worked into a smokey eye. Finish the look with a brown eyeliner or black for a more dramatic effect.


Nars duo cream eyeshadow– if you want to try a monochromatic look, use this cream shadow on your blue eyes. This smooth shadow has an ocean blue shade and a turquoise one, which will give your eyes an icy look!


NYX eyeshadow– a glide-on texture at a great price. The shade is called “hot orange” and though it might look a bit eccentric, it can be used to create a beautiful sunset-look on your lids! Also check out “copper” and “rust”.


MAC pigment in “old gold”– this highly-pigmented loose color is one of my favorites! Lasts all day and the color is gorgeous and versatile. If you want a more intense hue, simply wet your brush a bit and apply the pigment. It’s very easy to blend, lasts all day, and gives a beautiful finish.


Stila eyeshadow trio in “Going green”– this trio will create a bright smokey eye look. The shades are vibrant and will enhance your blue eyes already there beauty.


MAC cremesheen glass in “Partial to pink”– this tinted lip gloss in a pretty pink hue will make a sweet and innocent look when paired with your blue eyes. Wear it when you want a dewy finish. Will look perfect in a minimal look, just apply a brown eyeliner, mascara a soft-peachy blush and finish with pretty pink lips.


Urban decay mini eye pencil set– this set includes: gold, eggplant, aquamarine, navy blue and deep brown. The colors are perfect options to enhance blue eyes.


Yves saint laurent duo shadow– these shadows are complementary to each other, and will add intensity to your eyes. The bright yellow and vibrant blue will make a nice colorful look.



MAC opulash mascara– add some drama to your blue eyes with a black mascara. Great used to complete a smokey eye effect, or when keeping it simple with an eyeliner-only look.


The balm down boy blush– let your blue eyes take center stage and try a minimalist look. Simply apply a pink blush like The Balm’s, curl your lashes and apply mascara and a nude lipstick or gloss. You will get a youthful and dewy appearance with this pretty look.


Use these colors and products to brighten your already beautiful blue eyes. Share your comments or your favorite tips for blue eyes below!

Best makeup for green eyes

The best colors to complement your green eyes are purples and reds.

Purples and reds work well to complement green eyes, due to color theory. They are found across from green in the color wheel, and in theory work in making green look at its best. Browns also look good in green eyes, especially when applied in eyeliner or mascaras. A brown-hued liner won’t look as tough rimming your eyes compared to a jet black shade.

Looking to change your haircolor to make your green eyes pop even more?! Try a red-shade, which will bring more attention to your green eyes!

image credit

A few makeup products to play up your green eyes…

Jemma Kidd eyesahdow palette– this trio is specifically designed to enhance those green jems! The colors include a deep-silky purple, a sultry brown with gold-flecks, and a nice neutral beige. The perfect combination to accentuate green eyes, and a nice size for trips or re-applications.

Maybelline expert wear in plum smoke–¬†this quad has shadows to create the perfect smokey eye. ¬†It includes a base, lid, crease and liner. The plum shades in this set will¬†work great on enhancing your eyes!


MAC mineralize eyshadow- let this rich shade in “guilt by association” brighten up your lids and make your green peepers pop more than usual. Another nice shade for greens from this line is “young punk” a silky-rich purple hue.

Urban decay stardust- the silky texture and sexy shade will create a sparkling twinkle in your green eyes. Apply a soft lilac shade as a base and use stardust to create the ultimate purple smokey eye. Line with a brown liner and top if off with a brown mascara. Perfect harmony to play up your green beauties!

Lorac color me couture palette- a set of five classic shades to compliment your pretty peepers. The set includes the following shade: a creamy neutral, gold, bronze, olive green, and black. All shades are enhanced with mother of pearl to emphasize each shades intensity.


Maybelline great lash lots of lashes mascaraРan oldie but a goody! This baby has been around for a while, and does good work. Try it in brown  instead of black to accentuate green eyes, rathe than overpower them.

Benefit bad gal mascara in brown– this is another of my favorite mascaras, which works in adding length minus the clumps. I like the waterproof version one too, and again brown looks lovely on green eyes.



Prestige liquid eyeliner– this drugstore brand liner applies smooth and you can’t complain with the price!


Tarte emphaseyes waterproof clay liner– this clay eyeliner is long-lasting and adds great definition with its silky application. It also comes with a liner brush for perfect application.


Lancome L’absolu rouge lipstick– try red lips to compliment your green eyes, when you are going light on the eyeshadows. Another plus with red lips is they help teeth look whiter!

The colors and products mentioned above are great for emphasizing green eyes, but aren’t necessarily your only options. Orange/ copper/ and rust shades also look great on green eyes. Monochromatic shadows to match your eyes is a big no-no in cosmetology theory, but in my opinion can look great. Teal and turquoise shades look lovely on green eyes, and though they might blend more than emphasize, they still make for a fun and bright look.

Have any tips for makeup for green eyes?! Share them in the comments!

How to wear red lips: a classic trend

Red is the color of passion! Red lips always look more luscious and appear to look fuller.

image credit

This trend is pretty vintage, yet won’t ever grow old. Since the color makes a bold statement when dealing with makeup, it’s a good idea to go light on the rest of your face. Meaning opting for more natural-looking eyes and cheeks. A few ladies prefer not to mess with red lipstick due to the fact it can be pretty tricky to pull off wearing it. A nice way to wear it is with just a bit of eyeliner and mascara and peachy/ bronzed cheeks. Just enough makeup to draw attention to the main focus, your lips.

A few brands of makeup promise all-day lasting red lips, personally one of my favorite¬†red lipsticks is Revlon’s¬†Fire & Ice. It applies very smooth, and the color is true to the swatch at the store. I don’t like using the store testers,¬†so¬†I’m pretty happy with my purchase¬†when a product looks as good on my lips as it did on the actual swatch. Here are a few red lipsticks to look through.

Whether you’re dressed down or getting all fancy, red lips are a nice option either way. As i mentioned, red lipstick makes lips look more full and another great thing, they make teeth look whiter. It is possible to pull off smokey eyes and red lips at once, but it’s recommended for a night look. Personally, when wearing red lips not much makeup is required as the color is bold enough on its own.

image credit

When applying red lipstick, be sure to use a lip liner to seal your pucker and avoid any bleeding of the color from occuring. Also, first apply chapstick for a smooth application. Since there are many shades of red, it’s a smart idea to to try a shade you feel more comfortable with. Whether it’s darker red, like a burgundy or a classic firetruck red. Winged eyeliner, with lots of mascara is a nice choice for a vintage feel when paired with red lips. Be sure to fill in your brows for a dramatic, yet natural feel. Use a bronze blush for a high-cheekbone look, and a peachy blush on the apples of your cheeks for a dewy complexion. Red lipstick is a fun way to play with makeup, but the most important feauture when wearing this daring shade is confidence ūüôā

Do you like wearing red lipstick?! What is your favorite brand and shade?!