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Lipsense by SeneGence review: Read before you buy

Have you heard about LipSense? Been added to a LipSense party on Facebook? Wondering if you should buy or skip it? Well, then you have come to the right place! Check out pictures, swatches, and an honest, non-affiliated review, that will help you decide whether you should try LipSense, or pass it up.

I heard about LipSense from one of my friends who had tried and loved the long lasting lipsticks. I was pretty excited to try one out for myself when she decided to host a LipSense Facebook party. So, I decided to buy a kit and see if they lived up to their hype. 

I purchased a LipSense lipstick in “hazelnut”, a matte gloss, and the oops remover. I chose the shade hazelnut, because I wanted a color that was soft enough for daily use, but not too light that it would seem as if I wasn’t wearing lipstick. I also prefer more neutral, nude tones, rather than pink or berry hues. The color did not disappoint when applied. Hazelnut is a nice light brown, very neutral, yet noticeable shade. 

LipSense by SeneGence offers a few types of glosses, since I don’t like glossy lips on myself, I chose a matte gloss. The gloss is recommended to seal the color and ensure long lasting results. I applied my matte gloss approximately five seconds after applying my hazelnut lipstick, as the directions said, and was once again pleased with the results. Did as promised, gave me a matte hazelnut pout. 

The oops remover is recommended to remove the lipstick, since the LipSense promise is waterproof, kiss proof, and smudge proof. So, in case you make a mistake when applying, you can go ahead and fix it with the oops remover; and when you are ready to remove your lipstick you go ahead and do so with oops as well. 

To answer one of the questions you probably have, YES, it is definitely water, smudge and kiss proof! I applied my LipSense in the morning and drank my coffee, ate my meals, kissed my kids and husband, drank my water, and the color lasted through it all. I even did a late evening workout, and my LipSense stayed put. There is some fading that occured on the inner part of my lips, but I didnt notice it until probably after the seventh or eight hour of wear, which is pretty good considering I didn’t reapply once.

Now, let’s talk money. Pricey? In my opinion,  yes. The lipstick is $25, the gloss is $20 and the oops remover  $10. But, I must admit, I am happy with my purchase. I like the color, and I love the fact I can apply it at the start of my day and not worry about it fading away immediately after breakfast, or doing a side kiss to avoid ruining my lipstick when my hubby goes in for a kiss. The oops remover, I could do without. I feel confident enough in my application, that I don’t feel a need for it. And the color does eventually come off, so with a little lip scrub before bed one night, I was able to remove it from my lips. 

One thing I did not like, is the fact the main ingredient in LipSense lipstick is alcohol. When I saw that, I was like oops, dry lips for sure. But, since there is shea butter in the gloss, my lips didn’t seem noticeably dry after wearing it. Another thing, that tingly feeling you get when you use lip plumping lipsticks, you get that same feeling when applying the LipSense color. It wasn’t a good or bad sensation in my experience, but something to point out.  

Overall, I don’t regret my purchase. If you are considering trying out LipSense, I say go for it. Get the lip color you like and a gloss of your choice, but in my opinion, skip the oops remover. 

Have you tried LipSense? Do you like it, or not? Share your experience in the comments!

The best nude lip tutorial

Nude lipstick and subtle makeup is by far one of my favorite looks. Mainly because it’s a neutral look, and also nude shades make your lips appear fuller. Another plus is nude lips can be worn year-round.

There are a few lipsticks I have purchased, which were advertised as a “nude”shade but actually appear more pinker or darker than I prefer. So below are a few lipsticks which are a true nude for you to checkout.

Mac-peach stock or myth

wet n wild- pink suga

elf- jumbo lip gloss stick in “in the nude”

I have noticed that some nude lipsticks dry my lips, so you will need to start with soft lips. Be sure to exfoliate and moisturize your lips to avoid flaky skin. An easy DIY tip is to take some sea salt and mix it with a bit of coconut oil. Apply the mix to you lips and rub in a circular motion for a minute or two. Rinse off with cool water and you are set. Do this once or twice a week for baby soft lips.

Quick steps to achieve a nude lip

  • Start with a lip liner to achieve defined lips, with lipstick that stays in place. If you are not a big fan of lip liner, you can go for lipstick alone. However, the reason I do recommend lip liner is, because you can better define your lips and it prevents lipstick from bleeding (or fanning out). Lip liner can also help lips look plumper, since you can use it to subtly line a little bit over your natural lip line for an illusion of a bigger pout. Find a good shade to match your nude lipstick by either matching the exact shade, or using a nude liner a few shades darker.

how to apply nude lipstick

  • Once your lips are lined, use a brush to lightly blend the liner into your lips. This helps liner and lipstick to blend for a more natural look.

best nude lip tutorial

  • Now you are ready for that color. Apply your lipstick. A quick tip to make your lipstick last longer is: press a tissue between your lips to remove a bit of color, then apply setting powder to lips with a brush, and re-apply lipstick. If you’d like, you can apply clear lip balm, but it’s not needed if you started with exfoliated lips.

mac peach stock lipstick

And voilà, your pretty nude lips are ready! I love discovering new products, so share your favorite nude lipsticks and liners below

step by step nude lip tutorial

5 expensive eyeshadow palettes to consider splurging on

Let’s be honest, how many of you have piles upon piles of eyeshadows stored away?! Most of which are probably a few months, or even years old*. Maybe it’s something about the fact that there is still product in the makeup pods and palettes, which makes it hard for us to separate from our beloved shadows.

For this post, I looked at many shadow palettes in search for not only five of the most expensive eyeshadow palettes; but also five of the better recommended palettes. Because let’s face it, nobody wants to dish out a couple hundred dollars on makeup that isn’t the best.

This shadow palette comes with four neutral shades that are universally flattering. You can toss this little palette in your purse to create a day-to-night look. It’s nice having all the shades in one palette to do that.  You are definitely spending that 100+ dollars on this palette for the brand and luxurious packaging, but if you are looking to splurge Serge Lutens is said to be ” the genius of fragrance and legendary master of make-up”.

This little quartet of colors looks like your average palette, but you are actually paying more due to the fact the shadow blocks are strategically places to create an S. Regardless of that, it’s a good thing with these highly concentrated pigments, a little bit goes a long way. Once again, you have a nice array of neutral shades to create a nice look with contour and highlights to emphasize your eyes.

Ok, this is not much of a palette since there is only one shade; but the reason I included this sleek looking shadow, is because considering it is only one color $50 seems a little steep. This Sisley shadow is similar in the one above, as it is also rich in pigmentation and looks like a satiny-metallic shade. Most metallic colors are flattering for most skin tones, so you can definitely create various looks with this pricey little beauty.

Though this Armani palette might seem pricey, you also have to consider you getting a 2-in-1 with the face powder included within the compact. This palette is referred to as the mink eyeshadow trio, due to the colors resemble various fur shades. The texture is also soft and velvety, once again to match the feel of fur.

Have you ever spent $600 on a single piece of makeup?! Sounds crazy right, but if you are looking to splurge on a palette, this is definitely your go-to. Sephora makes very good quality makeup, so this kit will definitely be recommended by those who have tried it. It has 80 high-pigmented shadows which are literally all you will need to create a various array of looks. Though it looks crazy expensive, this is actually a pretty good buy if you are a huge makeup-jukie, or are in the makeup business. The reason behind this is, once you break dow the cost, you are paying about $7.50 per shadow which is relatively low considering other brands.


Tips on getting rid of postpartum stretch marks

Stretch marks occur when your skin stretches and loses elasticity. When you are pregnant, the skin around your belly stretches beyond its limits, and most often stretch marks are inevitable.

Women are always reminded to rub Shea butter or other types of oils on their belly while pregnant, but sometimes even doing that doesn’t stop those “tiger marks” from showing. Usually, the marks start out a bright reddish-purple, and overtime fade into white streaks.

How to prevent them?

The best tip is to oil up your belly from the day you find out your pregnant, all the way throughout your pregnancy. Even if you don’t see any stretch marks, you should keep that belly moisturized daily. It is very common for stretch marks to show up out of nowhere, especially the last months when weight gain occurs faster. Keeping your skin well hydrated is done to prevent stretch marks, but even then they might still show up. If this occurs, don’t get discouraged and continue applying lotion or oils to your belly to help in the fading process.

How to fade or get rid of them postpartum?

It’s very important to continue applying lotions or oils to your skin to help in the fading process of stretch marks. I noticed that Shea butter helped fade marks faster than bio oil postpartum. I applied Shea butter daily, twice a day. I also would apply bio oil once a day, immediately after taking a shower. By the time my daughter turned 7 or 8 months, my once red stretch marks had faded to a light glossy white shade that wasn’t very noticeable. I kept using the shea butter, and also started using coconut oil. Believe it or not, the coconut oil improved the marks fairly quickly. Below are the lotions and oils I applied during pregnancy and postpartum, and a few others that will also help with stretch marks. It’s a good idea to buy and try out a few lotions and oils to find the ones that best help your body.

There are a few medical procedures out there, specifically to remove stretch marks, but that is also attainable with daily use of oils and lotions. The difference is, the procedures tackle the marks immediately, as opposed to the creams and oils which take time. If you got stuck with stretch marks postpartum, and are looking to get rid of them; I highly recommend using oils and creams, even though it takes times you’ll end up saving money. Another tip is to remember a lot of women and even men have stretch marks. Stretch marks don’t just occur with pregnancy, but simply when skin is stretched due to weight gain on loss. Besides the fact you have some new marks, the best thing is to remember what those marks represent- your beautiful baby.

Benefit they’re real! push up liner review and demo

They’re real! liner is officially here.

Benefit beauty is a makeup line from San Francisco, California; committed to making great beauty products which are also visually appealing with fun and flirty packaging.

Their most recent product, They’re real! Push up liner, has been awaited for with much anticipation. It’s promise was to make applying eyeliner a breeze, with an added bonus of bigger looking eyes.

I finally got my hands on this liner to try it out for myself. Keep on reading for my thoughts on it, and a quick guide on how to use it.

They’re real! Push up liner review

Benefit They're real push up liner review

I got my Benefit liner this weekend and couldn’t wait to try it out for myself, to see if it lived up to the hype. Benefit has been talking about the launch of this little liner on twitter and instagram for the past months and I must say, I’ve never been so excited about an eyeliner to officially be available in stores. Kudos to Benefit for awesome marketing on their part!

They’re real! Push up liner was easy to use and you could see a difference between using it as compared to other liners. It glides on effortlessly and is very easy to get that lash – hugging look. The closer your liner is applied to your lash line, the larger your eyes appear to be. This gives you a cute “doe eye” look.

The liner is not a miracle pen, so if you have a hard time applying liner it won’t automatically give you a flawless line. It does however make the application easier. I think the reason behind easier application is the felt tip which guides the liquid on your lid. Compared to other liquid liners, this one has a velvety texture which makes it easy to glide on and guide across your lid. The liner also dries pretty fast so no smudges or black marks on your lids after you apply. The final result is a rich dark line for sultry eyes. I definitely recommend this product if you are unsure as to whether you’ll like it or not. It’s priced at $24 and does differ compared to other liners at a similar price range.

How does it differ from other liners you ask?! The simple design of a felt tip which dispenses gel, does make a difference. It makes it easier to apply, since it’s almost as though you are using a marker as opposed to a thin brush most liner brands use. Though it is fast drying, mistakes are easily fixed with water. It’s not advertised as waterproof, but it definitely stayed put in the pool. It doesn’t fade out throughout the day, so you’ll have that nice and dark line all day long. It’s also a cleaner eyeliner due to the fact you twist new liquid each time, as opposed to re-dipping each time. The only flaw I saw in this liner is the fact it dries fast on the pen, so be sure to clean the tip after each use to avoid build up from affecting application.

Check out the pictures below which compare a drugstore liquid liner worn during a workday with no re-application versus Benefits’ They’re real! push up liner. (I leave the drugstore liner nameless to avoid any embarrassment on their end).

Drugstore eyeliner versus Benefit They're real push up liner

They're real Push up liner review

Can you guess which is which?! The drugstore liner is the top picture, which as you can see faded out after a full workday. It started out bold and strong, but left my lid looking half-bare at the end of the day. Benefits’ They’re real! push up liner was also put to the test, and as you can see lasted beautifully after a full eight hours. Looked as good as when I originally applied it in the morning.  In my opinion, dishing out some extra cash for a product which lasts all day is worth it.

They’re real! Push up liner demo

The liner has quick instructions on the packaging, along with statistics of bigger looking eyes and a lash – hugging experience. Getting started is very easy, all you have to do is take off the lid and twist the bottom 10-12 times until the liner liquid starts coming out. Then you are ready to apply. 

Check out a demonstration by Benefit below, on creating a sexy winged look with They’re real! Push up liner.

If you want to check out They’re real! Push up liner before committing, head on to a Sephora inside JcPenney this weekend for tips on application or receive a free sample when shopping online at sephora.com using the code below.

sephora- benefit- event


Goldwell kerasilk hair silk fluid review

Goldwell kerasilk instant silk fluid from Hairtrade.com is a leave-in treatment for dry and frizzy hair.

The bottle is a pretty good size, 4.2 ounces, with a pump for easy use; and can be used on both dry or damp hair. It is enhanced with vitamin E to nourish hair, and has UV filters to protect hair from external damage. It’s good for all hair types and doesn’t weigh hair down.

The texture is a soft, creamy white, which applies smoothly on hair. It does help with frizz, but works best to add shine. The smell is great, and remains in hair as a subtle clean scent.

Though this silk fluid works well on both damp and dry hair, I prefer using hair silk out of the shower. I expected the silk fluid to be clear, rather than white and was a bit aprehensive at first since I thought it would weigh my hair down or make it feel like too much product was on my hair. I applied a few pumps to my roots and ends, worked it evenly throughout, and let my hair air dry. I was very happy the silk fluid left a crisp scent and left my hair feeling soft and manageable. Once my hair was dry, I flat-ironed it and used the silk fluid as a heat protectant. Worked great, and gave my finished look a nice sheen.


Overall, this product did as promised. Due to heat processing and bleaching, my hair can get very dry. Goldwell’s silk fluid definitely added much needed moisture and shine to my hair, and helped battle some frizz. I loved the fact it is a leave-in treatment, but also doubled as a heat-styling product. As I mentioned, the bottle is a good size, and since not much product is needed to tame hair, it will definitely last you a few months!