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Perfect boots for Fall and 10 tips on wearing them

Days seem shorter, nights are colder and trees have started to lose their leaves… There is no doubt Fall is upon us.

Fall: the perfect excuse to bring boots back into your daily attire!

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Boots are my second favorite style of shoes (gotta love my heels!) and colder weather is just the excuse needed to wear them more often.  Browse below and find a few of this seasons hottest boots, or skip below for great tips on wearing them.

Tips on rockin your perfect pair of boots this Fall

  • Black boots are a classic, but if that’s all you wear it’s time for a little change! Try a camel-colored or dark brown boot instead. Still neutral colors and they won’t get lost if you wear them with black skinny jeans/leggings. If you are really looking for a change from black, don’t be scared of color and try a red/burgundy boot.
  • Tall boots look great with just about any outfit. Jeans (skinnies or bootcut work the best), skirts, dresses, shorts. For a dressier look, go for boots with a heel and pointy toe.
  • Ankle boots can also go with most outfits, but I think they look their best with leggings or a short dress/skirt. They can make you look wider if you wear them with a long and flowy dress or skirt. For a cute & comfy look pair short booties with leggings and an off the shoulder top or oversized sweater.
  • Opt for leather boots over suede ones for easy-care. And if it’s raining, always be sure to dry off your leather boots copletely before storing them in your closet. Wet boots in a cool environment can harvest mold. You can also purchase a water-repellent coating to protect both suede and leather.
  • The best time to buy boots on sale is usually around the end of Winter and Summertime.
  •  Never go barefoot in boots, especially leather. Boots trap more heat and don’t absorb prespiration, meaning it will make for both stinky feet and boots.
  • If possible, always try your boots on prior to buying or look for ones made of soft leather or with adjustable laces. This precaution is to ensure they fit around your calves, some boots are designed for ultra slim legs and won’t zip up if you have curvier legs.
  • If you are on the shorter side, thigh-high boots can be tricky. You can definitely pull them off dressed and accessorized to accentuate them, but it can be tough to not look stocky. Avoid wearing thigh-highs with mini skirts, instead use leggings or skinnies and pair with a loose top.
  • For tall boots, top your outfit with a blazer for a polished look or a leather jacket for a casual look.
  • Keep accessories simple and minimal. Your boots will be the center of attention, especially if they have studs, chains or are in any color besides black. Which makes accessorizing easier, keep it simple by looking for a nice pair of dangling earrings or a nice long necklace instead.

My favorite style of boots is tall with a heel and round or pointy toe. I own various styles, but most often find myself grabbing for tall brown or black ones. The best tip for finding the most flattering boots for yourself is to try tons of them on. See which styles look best on you and which ones just don’t work. Don’t give in to trends and opt for what looks and feels best on you. Got any tips of your own?!

Shoedazzle review

Even with a closet full of shoes, who can resist adding another dazzlin pair to their collection 😉

My husband obviously knows me well. He understands just as he needs room for all his computers and gadgets, i need enough space to satisfy my ever-growing shoe collection. He was sweet enough to customize a closet just for my shoes, which needs to expand at the pace I’m going. For Christmas he decided to dazzle me with another addition to my collection, and gave me a gift card so I may choose my first pair of shoes at Shoedazzle. Check out my experience with this online shoe-shopping website which has become an online phenomenon.

Getting started

Shoedazzle is pretty much a shoe club, which allows you to select and purchase a new pair every month for $39.95. If you stop by their site, you’ll realize you can’t actually access their stuff unless you set up an account with them. Luckily, this process is pretty brief. In order for their stylists to recommend shoes which best suit you, you have to complete a short quiz. Which includes your favorite celebrity’s fashion sense, heel style and such relevant questions. This step was kind of useless for me as I found most of the answers not suitable for my style, but you do have the option to leave certain questions blank. When you are done, a showroom is set up for you with personal recommendations by the Shoedazzle stylists which include: Kim Kardashian, Merika Rock, Mal Pearson, Melis Kuris, Heather Zweigel, Anya Sarre, and Provi Fulp. How cool would it be to have one of these ladies jobs as a shoe stylist?!

Time to shop!

Once you complete the above mentioned process, the fun begins! You can now browse all their shoes and accessories. The first time around I really didn’t see a pair that caught my eye. I saw a couple which definitely looked cute, but decided on holding off after the holidays to see new products the following month. That is another pretty cool thing about Shoedazzle, every month new styles are added and you do have the option to skip a month’s purchase if you’d like. They recently updated their service and scratched out the whole skip a month option, nothing will be charged on your account until you choose and make a purchase.

They do send you email updates when new shoes are added or any relevant news they might have. Which is how i came across a pair of wedges which made the cut! The ciji wedge in nude (pictured below) arrived at my home in approximately a week. If you read previous articles, you’ll know i love a good nude heel (or nail polish, or  makeup look or dress!) I already have a couple nude heels, which is why I was excited to add a pair of wedges. Per the email their Ciji wedges had previously been feautured at Shoedazzle, and brought back by popular demand. Lucky me!

My Ciji wedges arrived in a pretty pink box, with a pink drawstring pouch for travel storage. I tried them on, and was glad that they looked even better in person! I already had a bunch of outfits planned out in my head which would look great with my wedges. Overall, client satisfaction was accomplished. Which in the end, should be what all businesses hope for.

*My doggie decided to make a guest appearance in a few of the pictures!

What next…

Since i purchased my first pair with a gift card, technically i won’t be charged for another month until I decide to update my billing information. Though you are allowed to skip a month, as long as you click the option in your showroom prior to the dates given, for now I think i will just hold off on this. Nothing against Shoedazzle, I liked some of their styles but not enough to enroll into their monthly program. I also felt picks in my showroom were nothing special. Not necessiraly shoes I’d actually pick myself, which makes the whole stylist help pointless for me. Either way, I prefer choosing my own styles which explains the shoe stylist part of this not a benefit in my opinion. You can request new options are chosen for your showroom, but it takes 24 hours to update. That’s not too convenient in my opinion.

I definitely can’t complain about the price though. $39.95 for a pair of shoes is pretty reasonable, especially when it includes boots. They have nice collections which include their signature designs with a pink sole, casual styles, boots, accessories, and favorites of their stylists. Overall, the idea is a good one especially for a shoe lover. But it does have it’s pros and cons, as any other program might. They do offer a 20% discount on your first purchase, which I didn’t see applied at checkout during my first purchase… But I suppose receiving my wedges in a reasonable timely matter, and my overall satisfaction with them made it worthwhile.

*Update: I finally wore my wedges out, and loved how they pulled my outfit together. I was a bit disappointed in the material quality, as they ended up scuffed a bit on the side and the back of the heel had a few cuts. They are still very cute shoes, and for a quite affordable price you can’t expect top quality material.

Are you a member of Shoedazzle or considering in joining?! Please share your reviews and shopping experience with Shoedazzle in the comments below!!!

Fashion by Jessica Simpson

“Ambery” boot

Adds much height with a platform, and very simple to match with colors and neutrals.

“Ray” bootie

Nice grey and black detail, and ultra sultry with the open-toe style.

Floral Tunic dress

Includes a black belt for a cinched waist to match the vibrant print. An excellent addition to your fall wardrobe.

Pleated chiffon dress

This feminine dress in coral is a great choice for a special occasion and once again perfect shade for Fall. Wear it with a tan leather jacket for a casual contrast.

Blair hobo

Nice print on a great everyday style. The buckles on the side will add a bit of shine to your outfit. Another plus, it will easily match any colored outfit.

Decked out tote

Nice neutral shade, and just the right size to fit all you need.





More Jessica Simpson…


Jessica Simpson at ShopStyle

Zebra print trench coat

Double-breasted, cropped trench for a nice fit on most shapes. The zebra print is faded for a subtle animal-print look.

Notch-collar coat

Fabulous and light coat for winter time. Basic in black with a flattering fit for curves.

Taj treasures twist chain necklace

Nice way to add some color to a neutral outfit. This piece will look great paired with an elegant outfit, or a casual one alike.

Unbalanced nature reef earrings

This silver-toned earrings will add sparkle to your look. Show them off with your hair up or let them peek out with your hair down.

I believe Jessica Simpson to be a fashion icon for our generation. Her fashion line is undeniably cute, and definitely proves her fashion sense. I love that coral dress and black coat, definitely two of my favorite pieces.

Which do you like best?!

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