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Colorblock me!

It’s a rainy day today, so i figured why not play with color to brighten the mood!

Colorblocking is a very attention demanding style. It must be worn proud, as this is a definite loud trend. I played with a few colors below to create a few cute colorblocking outfits. A great plus in having a fashion blog is that even when it’s too cold outside to wear cute dresses, I can still create and share them with you!

My favorite outfit has to be the one with the royal blue dress. The style is very vintage and I’m a huge fan of that. Which is your favorite out of the three below?!






Color block makeup

Bright makeup is a fun, trendy look for the summer!

Color blocking involves matching two or more shades for a fun way to play up color. This fashion trend also extends to the beauty scene. Either by blending two bright eye shadows to create a colorful  look, or by wearing a colorful array of makeup all over. Check out these lovely pictures for inspiration and create your own color block look.

Which is your favorite color block makeup look?!
  • Color block your eyes by mixing a bright blue eyeliner with hints of gold shadow and matte berry lips.

image credit

  • Play up blue eyes with greens, teal, and white shadows. A dark and well defined line on your upper lashes makes for an intense look.

image credit

  • This look is for the daring! Very intense bursts of color with a blocked shape to match.

image credit

  • This is a perfect way to color block for summertime! The colors blend so well to create delicious looking lips. Pair with a confident smile!

image credit

  • This is my favorite image. Mixing lime green lids with an intense black line on your upper lashes, and red-berry lips blends in perfect harmony when color blocking. Perhaps a bit intense for most, but looks lovely on this model.

image credit

Would you try color blocking your makeup?! Whats your favorite color combinations to play with?!

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Purple eyeliner

Purple eyeliner is a subtle way to rim your eyes with a pop of color.

There are many brands to choose from, which range in price and texture. I’ve been using MAC’s Fluidline for a couple years now, since it stays on all day and lasts a long time when it’s for personal use. Their colors are rich and it applies very silky. Since my eyes are green I love using purple liner to compliment them, and MAC’s Fluidline in Macroviolet has done the trick. As many MAC lovers know, their makeup line isn’t the cheapest but it does often deliver great results.

A nice makeup look is attainable at any budget, so I decided to give Maybelline’s eye studio a try. Their purple or “eggplant” gel liner costs half as much as MAC’s and it’s pretty comparable. It doesn’t smudge, lasts all day, and even comes with a travel size application brush. This gel liner was named “eggplant” for a reason, because once you open it you’ll see the color truly matches that of an eggplant. The color looks so pretty and has a bit of shimmer to it. Maybelline gel eyeliner in eggplant is available at most drugstores and is priced @ $6.99.

Maybelline “eggplant” vs MAC “macroviolet”


Maybelline is on the left, MAC on the right. As you can see the shades are different. MAC’s is a bit darker, but when they’re applied they look pretty close in color. They both have a bit of shimmer mixed with the color, and come in a .10 oz glass jar. They both last all day, don’t smudge and apply evenly. The only difference I seem to have found is that MAC’s is more smooth than Maybellines and the color applies a bit darker, though not by much.  MAC’s is also a bit tougher to wash off. The final application for both liners is a nice purple line that lasts all day.Check out the color swatches below….

Can you guess which is MAC and which is Maybelline?!


If you guessed Maybelline on the left, MAC on the right then you are correct! MAC’s is a bit of a darker shade, as i mentioned, and it does have a silkier texture than Maybelline. But you can’t really complain about the texture if you’re paying half the price for a product that delivers similar results. Since I am a self-proclaimed makeup junkie and decide to sometimes buy the same color product just in a different brand, I now have more than enough purple liner to last me quite a while. It is recommend to toss out your makeup and replace it every few months, but if it’s for personal use and you don’t notice a change of color or smell, that rule can be broken.

What’s your opinion if you’ve tried either of these products… Are you a MAC or a Maybelline girl?!

Color block fashion

This trend is a fun way to play with color and create a fashionable look all your own.

You can look both feminine and chic by mixing bold colors, and there are no rules when it comes to this trend. Match as many different colors as you please to create a unique look, just be aware that you’re fashion statement will make you easily noticed.

image credit

Combining two or more bright colors is a fun way to to brighten an outfit especially around summertime. If you’re uneasy wearing too much color, try blending a neutral outfit with colorful  accessories like orange heels or a bright blue purse. Color blocking can de done to a dressy outfit, or kept casual for a fun weekend look.

This outfit features one of my favorite colors,bright and cheery yellow pumps, which can easily be paired with a bright blue top for a fun contrast. The off-the-shoulder top and peep-toe pumps add a fun and feminine flair, while the creased two-toned skinny jeans keep the look casual and relaxed.

Which are your favorite colors to play with when it comes to fashion? Do you color block your looks?!

blue blouse by Alloy

skinny jeans by Bebe

color bangles by Full tilt

multi-colored ring by Avon

yellow peep-toe sling backs by Giussepe Zanotti


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