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Printed denim fashion

I’m sure most of you have already seen printed denim either on celebrities or at stores. Is this a trend you love, or absolutely despise?!

Printed denim comes in a variety of colors, prints and cuts. If you like floral or animal print, now you can show it off on jeans or shorts. There are also funky patterns, which make this a bold and bright denim trend.

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Some of these prints are very cute and add fun to any outfit, but a few prints seem to remind me of over the top curtains or a couch. Since the print is so busy, I’d prefer wearing printed jeans with a neutral top. More like the image below.

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I actually love this whole outfit! It’s very neutral, but the floral denim adds a pop of color and definitely looks Spring ready. From the pumps to the shades, and every other aspect of this outfit works in perfect harmony. This picture makes me want to go out and buy myself a pair of floral-print denim, that’s how good it looks!

Here are a few other printed jeans for your viewing pleasure!

And tons more of printed denim to browse through!

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Tips on buying the best jeans for your body

Finding the perfect jeans can sometimes be a struggle. Which is why I’ve compiled a few tips to help you find a pair that’s both flattering to your shape and comfortable ūüôā


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The most important part about buying jeans is how they fit.

You have to make sure the jeans you choose flatter your body shape and conceal any flaws you are looking to hide. Are you an hourglass (curvy with a small waist), pear shaped (wider around your hips and bottom), ruler/ rectangle shaped (bust and hips are same size with less curves, more of an athletic build), apple shaped (waist size is larger as comparison to bust and hips). Finding out what body shape you are will make it easier in finding flattering jeans.

If you have an hourglass shape opt for skinny or low rise jeans to show off your curves. Pear-shapes should look for stretch jeans with a bit of flare to show off their curvy hips and even out their proportions. Ruler/rectangle shapes should look for boot cut or wide leg jeans to add more curves and define their athletic build. If you’re apple shaped try looking for high-waisted, boot cut, stretch jeans or jeans with a bit of flare at the bottom to even out your proportions.


  • stretch jeans are great for comfort and a body hugging fit.
  • boot cut and flare jeans give a lean and long look.
  • cuffed jeans are not very flattering and will usually make your legs look shorter.
  • shop for dark denim, light denim makes you look wider.
  • skinny jeans can be worn by any body shape, you just have to make sure they fit right on your waist. Wear them with a loose¬†top to bring a balance if you have wider hips.
  • tiny pockets on your butt will make it look¬†over-sized, low pockets will make your butt look higher. Five-pocket jeans are a classic and flatter most shapes.
  • while in the fitting room, sit down and move around to ensure jeans fit comfortably. The front button should close easily and the fly should remain flat.
  • avoid those butt enhancing jeans. False advertisement. Love your booty even if it’s a little small, its still yours and confidence is sexy!

You will probably still need to try on various jeans to ensure you find a good fit. These are just a few tips to help make your shopping experience a bit easier. The best tip when buying jeans is to avoid trends and chose what fits you best. Skinny jeans are everywhere, but if you feel awkward in them what is the point.