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The best accesories for Halloween

The right accesories can be all that you need to rock the perfect Halloween look this 31st. Mix and match a few items from below to get a cool, care-free look.

Halloween inspired t-shirt

If you love Halloween, but want a minimalist costume this year- grab a t-shirt!

Cute animal ears

The easiest Halloween costume ever!!! Grab a cute, fuzzy pair of ears, use your makeup skills and you are done.

Cool shoes

Bloody pumps, bat flats, skeleton boots. Besides looking awesomely spooky, these shoes will be a nice and unique touch in your closet.

Fun wig

Put on a vibrant colored wig, add some edgy makeup and you are good to go. A wig can completely change your look, and will give you the freedom to wear your everyday clothes.

Masquerade mask

The most elegant, and minimal costume. A masquerade ball mask and some red lipstick ✔

Halloween costumes can easily be bought, but sometimes it’s more fun when you match various accesories to create your own unique look! 🎃👻

5 beauty products you need for the perfect Halloween look

If you are not a fan of dressing up for Halloween, but still want to do something to celebrate; go the DIY route and use your creativity with makeup. Below are five beauty products you will need to create spooky, glamorous, gory, and enchanting makeup looks, perfect for Halloween 🎃

  • Eyeshadow palette

      An eyeshadow palette will come in handy to create many looks, be sure to choose one with many colors. It also helps to know what look you want to create before purchasing a palette to ensure you have all the colors needed.

      • False lashes

        Add some drama to your look with long and thick lashes. They are available in all shapes, lengths, colors and sone even have glitter or fun fabrics attached.

        • Liquid liner

          Eyeliner will come in handy for drawing precise lines on your face to create your Halloween look. Choose a liquid one, with a thin tip to ensure you are able to draw delicate lines when needed.

          • Lipstick

            Compliment your Halloween look with a fun lipstick shade! There’s a variety of colors available from a black lip (good for a witch or skull), to blues ranging from teal to navy (mermaid look anyone?!)

            • Temporary haircolor

            If you have been wanting to try a bright color in your hair, but have been scared to try; Halloween is the perfect excuse to do it! A temporary haircolor spray is convenient and usually washes out after a few shampoos. If you have bleached or light hair, you can use temporary color like Manic Panic for color that will last a bit longer. Or you can also just purchase glitter spray to add some sparkle to your look.

            These five beauty items are a must to create whatever Halloween look you choose. If you need some Halloween makeup inspiration, check out my previous post with creepy makeup looks 👻

            Top 10 Creepy Halloween makeup ideas

            If you want an inexpensive and super scary look for Halloween this year, use your makeup skills to recreate one of the creepy looks below. Which is your favorite one?!

            Image credit

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            Best zombie costume tips and ideas for women

            October is here. It’s time for sweater weather, hot chocolate, scarfs, tall boots, and most importantly getting your costume ready for Halloween 🙂

            Zombies have always been one of the easiest, yet scariest costume to wear. You can choose to buy a costume at the store, or put one together on your own.  I decided to compile a post to give you ideas, makeup tutorials, and costumes to transform yourself into the goriest zombie around. Check them out and enjoy!

            Below are a few tutorials to transform your face and nails to get a cool and creepy zombie look.



            If you prefer buying a costume, check out a few options here.

            If you’d rather create your own costume, the possibilities are endless. As far as what t wear, you can get away with anything. A dress, jeans and t-shirt, even your pajamas. The trick is to give the clothes a worn and dirty look. Grab your outfit, and cover it in fake blood, dirt, leaves… Zombies can be pretty much anyone, so you are able to easily create a costume on your own. If you have no idea what outfit to choose, here are a few videos for inspiration.





            To complete your DIY costume, check out a few of the items below. Iron Fist offers cool heels and accessories to complete your Zombie look, and they can be worn year round rather than used only once for Halloween.






            Let your inner wonder woman out: 5 best DIY superhero costumes for women

            Halloween is the one time a year you can go all out and transform yourself into your favorite superhero. I am sure you’ve seen the superhero costumes at stores, but if you’d rather save some cash check out a few ideas below.

            1. Wonder woman- who wouldn’t want to be wonder woman for a day! Be warned,  this is probably most girls choice when it comes to choosing a superhero costume.

            All you really need to complete your look is star spangled leggings/shorts/ or a skirt, a red top and the right accessories. The outfit below screams “Wonder Woman” and you might already own similar pieces. Finish off the look with a winged eyeliner look and some cherry red lips and you are good to go.


            2. Black widow- besides kicking ass, this girl wears a flattering all black ensemble.  Easy and slimming look in one 🙂

            Black Widow’s costume is pretty easy to recreate, think lots of black and lots of leather. I know the rose and gun sweater isn’t really Black widow-like, but she does carry around a gun! Honestly, I  just thought the sweater was very cute when I found it online, and it’s a perfect look in case you’d rather wear the weapon instead of carry a prop gun around. Her makeup is pretty minimal, but you can check out the tutorial below inspired by Black Widow’s look.



            3. Xena- some might say she’s not a superhero,  but Xena fights the evil guys and is always looking out for those who need saving. Plus, you get to carry around that cool circle weapon, or Chakram to be more specific.

            Click here for a super easy tutorial on creating a Chakram with cardboard and some spray paint.


            You can complete the look by copying one of Xena’s hairstyles,the breaided headband. Check out this super simple tutorial to achieve the hairstyle.

            xena hairstyle

            Add Something Special (and Easy!) to Your Hairstyle with a Double Braided Headband
            Credit: Latest-Hairstyles.com

            4. Iron woman- yes, they have costumes ready to go at stores, but you can easily achieve a Ms. Stark look with clothing to match. 

            You can achieve a cooler Iron Woman look with the right makeup, so check out a couple tutorials below. The first one has a gorgeous eyeshadow tutorial, and the second one is if you are up for a challenge on achieving a very realistic costume.


            5. The punisher- this costume is fun and easy. It can also be pretty laid back. All you need is a toy gun to complete the look. 

            Or, you can browse through these tutorials to create your own fake gun to use as a prop.


            Start shopping and looking through your closet now to create the best costume. Piecing costumes together, rather than buying a full costume at a store is a huge money saver. And sometimes make you look much more original. Have a safe and happy Halloween, and buy yourself something nice with all that money saved on your costume 😉