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Best workouts to stay fit while pregnant

Exercise is needed at all stages of your life to provide a healthy mind and fit body. Once you commit to working out, it is not a temporary fix, It’s a lifestyle change. Being pregnant makes no exceptions. If anything, you should be more committed than before since you are now working out to keep your body fit not only for yourself, but also for your baby.

If you have the time, most hospitals and some gyms offer workout classes specifically for pregnancy. If you don’t have the time, or simply prefer doing it on your own, there are many DVD workouts you can invest on and even some free YouTube videos you can check out. One video I found to be very helpful and and great for all trimesters is a prenatal yoga routine which I have shared below.

Prenatal yoga is a great workout for pregnancy because it focuses on stretching and breathing, as well as keeping your body toned and strong for delivery. Breathing is an important part of giving birth, even though it might be forgotten when you are trying to push something out of your body. That is the reason why daily yoga has great benefits towards an easier delivery and recovery. It focuses on teaching you to relax and breathe, and also helps keep your back, thighs and legs strong. Another plus about yoga, are kegels.

Kegels are floor exercises in which you contract then relax your pelvic muscles to improve muscle tone by strengthening muscles in your pelvis. And as we all know, a strong pelvis is an advantage during delivery. The yoga video above has you do a few kegel exercises, but you can also do them on your own anytime, anywhere. While you are driving, sitting, working. You are pretty much contracting your pelvis muscle upwards and holding for a few seconds, then releasing. Kegels won’t just help during delivery, but also during recovery.

Walking is another recommended activity during pregnancy. If you have a treadmill, use it. If you don’t, take daily walks around your neighborhood or a nearby park. Walking is an easy and helpful workout during pregnancy, because it keeps you active and keeps your leg/thigh muscles working. Another alternative you can try, is using a stationary bike or an elliptical.

As mentioned, you can also buy some DVD’s specifically for pregnancy. Below are a few you can try.

One awesomely priced DVD I purchased and recommend is”Pregnancy fitness” by Linday Brin. You might have heard of Lindsay who is the owner of mom’s into fitness, a website dedicated to fit moms pre and post delivery. Check out her site here -> Moms into Fitness

Pregnancy fitness DVD

The reason I recommend the above DVD by Lindsay Brin, is due to its price and the fact it is a 4 DVD set. It includes workouts specifically tailored for first, second and third trimester, and a postnatal bootcamp I cannot wait to try. You get all of this for under $10, cannot be beat! Buy Lindsay Brin’s Pregnancy Fitness DVD here!

Another workout which is very helpful during pregnancy is Pilates.  YouTube once again offers a few options, but i found the one below to be my favorite. It is broken up into 10 minute sessions, which makes it easy to do on anyone’s schedule. Pilates help keep your body strength during pregnancy and are said to help ease your time in labor. They focus on keeping you fit, through stretching, and moves to give your full body a workout.


Health and exercise during pregnancy play a huge role in a healthy delivery and in bouncing back to a fit body postpartum. Never do any type of workout that causes you discomfort or pain. If you worked out prior to getting pregnant, it will be easier for you to tell what is within your limits and when you are doing too much; if you weren’t as active  prior to baby stick to light walking or try yoga with your physicians approval. Whenever trying a new workout routine, it’s best to talk to your physician to ensure you and your baby are safe to try. 

Tips and tutorials for sexy legs

Long, strong legs are a great asset and they look good in shorts!

Your legs are a symbol of strength and mobility, since they carry most of your body weight. They’re probably taken for granted quite often, but you should be thankful and take great care of them while you can. Muscles, veins, nerves and bones all make up your legs, and have various duties in order to keep them working. Toned legs are easy to spot, as the calf and thigh muscles will look very defined. Your thigh bone, or femur, is actually the biggest bone in your body, which should tell you just how important legs actually are.

Skirts, dresses, shorts and swim suits are all types of clothing which leave your legs pretty exposed. Warm weather makes for short outfits so besides working on your tan, you should also work on adding definition to them!

Read these tips for getting and maintaining strong legs, and check out the tutorials below for great at-home-workouts to try!

1. Eat protein

– Protein is needed after a strength training session to help replenish your muscles. It’s also a big part of the food groups you should be eating to maintain healthy eating habits. Good sources of lean protein come from fish, chicken, beef, beans, soy, eggs, milk, and yogurt. Protein can easily be added to an active and busy lifestyle by drinking protein shakes or bars on the go, just be sure they are low in sodium and sugar. Another great benefit of consuming protein-rich foods, is that they keep you full longer and keep cravings at bay.

2. Take your time to tone up

– Don’t rush or over-do your workout, getting muscle definition takes time and it’s better to do a workout correctly than to rush and not get full benefits from your session.

3. Drink lots of water

– H2O keeps you hydrated and replenishes the water you lose from your body in a daily basis, it also helps keeping you full. It’s recommended to drink a glass of water before each meal to avoid overindulging. Water doesn’t just cleanse your body from toxins, it also aids in making workouts more efficient and easier. It’s pretty hard to keep focus and give your full potential if you’re dehydrated.

4. Walk or run uphill

– Walking uphill can be hard enough on your calves, just imagine what running uphill will do. The way your legs are angled when you walk uphill do a lot to strengthen and build calf muscle strength.

5. Do strength training

– You can’t expect to build muscle mass off cardio alone. Strength training should be done a couple times a week along with cardio in order to shed weight and tone up. Check out this article: Weight Training for Women,  to read more in depth about strength training.

Why burpees are a good workout

What is a burpee?

A burpee is a move used in strength training and aerobic exercise. You should incorporate burpees into your workout routine because they are a full body exercise which help build strength, flexibility, and endurance.

Why are burpees good for you?

Burpees are a great workout because as you do them you’re strengthening your muscles and they also aid in weight loss. They get your heart pumping which makes them a bit of cardio and work all your muscle groups, especially your arms, legs and abs.

How to do burpees:
  1. Stand up with your feet at shoulder distance and arms by your side.
  2. Drop down into a squat with your hands on the floor, keep your arms straight.
  3. Kick your feet back into a plank position. For more intensity do a push-up.
  4. Jump back to the squat position with your hands on the floor and arms straight.
  5. Push yourself up to the standing position and keep your arms straight over your head as you jump up off the ground.
  6. Repeat!

Trying to stay active, but can’t make time for the gym? Try doing 100 burpees a day! Split them into 5 sets of 20 reps and do them throughout the day.

Here is a workout tutorial for all you visual learners 🙂


8 minute abs

Check out the video below and do it daily along with following a healthy meal plan and exercising for at least 30 minutes in order to get tight abs.

This 8 minute video takes you through various exercises meant to target your abs and obliques. Each move is repeated for 45 seconds. Do it daily with physical exercise and healthy eating habits to notice results within months.