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5 expensive eyeshadow palettes to consider splurging on

Let’s be honest, how many of you have piles upon piles of eyeshadows stored away?! Most of which are probably a few months, or even years old*. Maybe it’s something about the fact that there is still product in the makeup pods and palettes, which makes it hard for us to separate from our beloved shadows.

For this post, I looked at many shadow palettes in search for not only five of the most expensive eyeshadow palettes; but also five of the better recommended palettes. Because let’s face it, nobody wants to dish out a couple hundred dollars on makeup that isn’t the best.

This shadow palette comes with four neutral shades that are universally flattering. You can toss this little palette in your purse to create a day-to-night look. It’s nice having all the shades in one palette to do that.  You are definitely spending that 100+ dollars on this palette for the brand and luxurious packaging, but if you are looking to splurge Serge Lutens is said to be ” the genius of fragrance and legendary master of make-up”.

This little quartet of colors looks like your average palette, but you are actually paying more due to the fact the shadow blocks are strategically places to create an S. Regardless of that, it’s a good thing with these highly concentrated pigments, a little bit goes a long way. Once again, you have a nice array of neutral shades to create a nice look with contour and highlights to emphasize your eyes.

Ok, this is not much of a palette since there is only one shade; but the reason I included this sleek looking shadow, is because considering it is only one color $50 seems a little steep. This Sisley shadow is similar in the one above, as it is also rich in pigmentation and looks like a satiny-metallic shade. Most metallic colors are flattering for most skin tones, so you can definitely create various looks with this pricey little beauty.

Though this Armani palette might seem pricey, you also have to consider you getting a 2-in-1 with the face powder included within the compact. This palette is referred to as the mink eyeshadow trio, due to the colors resemble various fur shades. The texture is also soft and velvety, once again to match the feel of fur.

Have you ever spent $600 on a single piece of makeup?! Sounds crazy right, but if you are looking to splurge on a palette, this is definitely your go-to. Sephora makes very good quality makeup, so this kit will definitely be recommended by those who have tried it. It has 80 high-pigmented shadows which are literally all you will need to create a various array of looks. Though it looks crazy expensive, this is actually a pretty good buy if you are a huge makeup-jukie, or are in the makeup business. The reason behind this is, once you break dow the cost, you are paying about $7.50 per shadow which is relatively low considering other brands.


Purple and bronze smokey eye makeup tutorial

Smokey eye shadow looks are a common love among most girls. Celebrities like Kim Kardashian, Beyonce and Kristen Stewart have been seen sporting different forms of smokey eye makeup looks. This look works great no matter what you complexion is.

Here is a fun purple smokey eye shadow tutorial with a pop of bronze. Make sure to team this look up with a winged liner look, since they look great together. This makeup look can be great for any evening event and will match almost any cocktail dress you choose.

So let’s go straight into how to create this smokey purple and bronze eye shadow look!

Things you will need:

  • eyeshadow primer
  • face compact
  • Eye shadow (Colours Needed Silver, Bronze, Purple, Charcoal/Black)
  • Black Eyeliner pencil
  • Liquid Eye Liner
  • Kajal/Black liner
  • Mascara
  • Lash Curler
  • Lash Comb

Step 1:
On clean eye lids, apply eye shadow primer and blend for a flawless makeup application. Applying primer prior to shadow ensures your look lasts all day and prevents the eye shadow from creasing.





Step 2:
Apply Bronze eye shadow on the whole of the lid without creating any extensions. Apply very evenly on to the whole of the rim.

bronze eye shadow

Step 3
Apply the purple eye shadow on just the crease. Make an enclosed jacket with the purple eye shadow.

bronze and purple eye shadow

Step 4:
Now take the charcoal or black eye shadow and apply on the exterior of the lid to create a Smokey effect. This will give this shadow look an exotic touch.

smokey purple eye shadow

Step 5:
Now use the silver highlighter on the whole of the brow bones. Also apply on to the eye and nose joint.

smokey bronze and purple eyes

Step 6:
The shadowing part is done. Time to move onto the liner. Make a tailed liner extension on to the upper lid only. Do not make it not too thick but as a thin and sleek line running from near the nose joint to the exterior in a winged form.liquid eyeliner on smokey eyes

cat eyeliner


Step 7:
Use a black liner pencil or a kajal on the lower rim. Join the lines at the eye ends but do not extend in a winged form. This will give a completely different kind of a look to this eye makeup other than the usual form of winged extensions.

bronze and purple smokey eyes

Step 8:
Use mascara in a top-down way on the upper lashes and in a zig zag way onto the lower lashes.

applying mascara

Step 9:
Comb the lashes with a lash comb to avoid getting any clumps of mascara. Follow up with another coat of  mascara if you’d like.

eyelash comb for clump free mascara

Step 10:Use a lash curler to add that extra curl effect on your lashes.

eyelash curler

Step 11: Here is a close up of the final look on this amazing bronzed purple smokey eye shadow look. Perfect for a date or night out with the girls!

purple smokey eye tutorial

bronze and purple smokey eye tutorial

Author Bio:

Chetana is an amateur makeup artist from India and founder of StyleCraze – India’s largest beauty network. She is completely addicted to makeup, especially the colour play and the process involved. Visit StyleCraze for more smokey eye looks and other makeup tutorials!

DARE to try Sigmas new eyeshadow palette!

Learn how to do a summer sunset look  with Sigma Beauty’s new palette, “Dare”

Sigma beauty offers great and affordable makeup brushes, and are now offering great eyeshadows in various tones as well. They have three palettes: “Flare”, “Bare”, and “Dare”. Dare is a beautiful combination of neutrals including: yellow, gold, nude, and copper tones. This palette makes an excellent combination for creating day to night looks.


The Dare palette contains matte and satin finishes, and includes a dual-end brush. On one side you have a shader which is perfect for applying shadows precisely, and the other end is a tapered blending brush to help create sultry looks. The colors in this palette are pretty versatile and work well with most skin tones. It even includes a mirror, perfect for touch-ups or makeup on the go. Valued at $35, which is pretty standard for eyeshadow palettes, and now available at Sigma Beauty! This little palette is bound to be one of your favorites, the great looking pigmentation is also a definite plus!

Check out the tutorial below for a great summer sunset eyeshadow look, as well as many application tips! Have you tried Sigma’s palettes yet?!

How to wear colorful eyeshadows

Ever seen a nice colorful eyeshadow, but skipped trying it from fear of looking like this…

You’d be surprised the difference a bit of color does for your eyes, when applied correctly! Just because you like bright shadows, doesn’t mean you have to look like you’re wearing too much.  Makeup accentuates your already existing beauty, though it can sometimes be tricky. This article will provide you tips and videos for experimenting with colors, without worrying about looking overdone.

I believe anyone can pull off colorful makeup regardless your tone or eye color, as long as the application is personally done to accentuate your characteristics. If you’re completely lost on which colors to try, check out these previous posts: Accentuate brown eyes, Tips for blue eyes, Make green eyes pop w/ these tips.

The first thing to remember when playing up your eyes with color, is to keep the rest of your makeup neutral. Unless you like this look, avoid pairing green shadows with pink cheeks and red lipstick… Though in the end you choose the look you are most comfortable wearing.

Blend colorful shadows with neutral ones for a softer look during the day; and add a black shadow for a smokey effect ,perfect for nighttime. Blending is a very important step when wearing colorful shadows, it makes your makeup application look softer and gets rid of any lines separating colors. In a way, it harmonizes colors. Please invest in a good blending brush because your fingers or little sponge applicator brushes are not going to do the job.

Though the multi-color-rainbow look can look very pretty on many ladies, it’s better to stick to one or two colorful shades. It’s easier to work with and a much versatile look.

Remember that color wheel concept?

It also applies to makeup. Complimentary colors are a good choice when using color shadows. For example, green/hazel eyes will stand out with purples and work well with blues and yellow-shades. Blue eyes look great with red/maroon shades and blend well with green and orange/copper shadows. Brown and black eyes take your pick, any color works well with your eyes!

Using eyeliner and mascara will better accentuate a colorful look. For an extra colorful look use: purple, blue, green or teal liner, otherwise stick to brown or black.

A few videos that show how to work with color eye shadows.

How to get smokey eyes

Achieve sultry smokey eyes by following these simple steps!

1. Start with a clean face.
Wash ,dry, and apply moisturizer using circular motions on  your face.

2. Apply primer over entire eyelid
Use an eyeshadow primer over your entire eyelid to prevent color fading and creases.

3. Apply base eyeshadow.
Using a shader brush apply ricepaper shadow from the tear duct of your eye up and across below your eyebrow, and over your eyelid. With small circular motions sweep a blending brush over the shadow  to blend the color.  Use white frost shadow around the tear duct and just below your lower lash line.

4. Use a charcoal shadow  for a classic look or add purple/ blue shadows for a colorful smokey eye.
Using an angled brush apply black shadow from the outer corner of your eye and up on the crease just below your brow bone. use a blending brush to soften up the look by going over the black shadow in small circular sweeps. Keep using  the blending brush to apply more shadow and blend until you are satisfied with the intensity. Grab white frost shadow using a shader  brush and sweep it from your tear duct and across your eyelid.
5. Rim eyes with liner and apply mascara.
Using an eyeliner brush apply fluidline in blacktrack ( if you need help applying liner, refer to this previous post:How to apply liquid eyeliner ) from the inner corner of your eye all the way across. Carefully line your lower lash line ensuring not to poke or get product in your eye. Apply mascara to your top and bottom lashes, curl them and apply falsies for a more dramatic effect. Check out the video in this previous post, Makeup problems & solutions, to apply single lashes like a pro.

Check out Smokey eye video tutorials for different looks!

Makeup tips for blue eyes

Blue eyes can be intensified with copper, peach, rust, and gold shadows.

At one point everyone had brown eyes but a genetic mutation caused the melanin produced in the iris to reduce, and caused the brown shade to lighten into blue. (http://www.livescience.com/health/080131-blue-eyes.html)  Blue is a beautiful color with calming effects, maybe because it reminds us of the ocean. There are many colors that can be used to accentuate and play up such a great feature!

Great eyeshadows & liners to intensify blue…

  • Urban Decay Stardust Eyeshadow – a dark purple shade with a bit of shimmer and a super silky texture. use this shade of purple instead of a black shadow when creating a smoky eye effect.
  • LORAC Color Me Couture Eye Shadow Palette– great palette to own. 5 complimentary shimmering shades including: enlighten (creamy pearl), style (gold pearl), luxe ( bronze pearl), jade (olive green & gold pearl), designer (black & gold pearl). This neutral palette has complimentary colors which will create great looks on blue eyes.
  • Urban Decay Metallic Glitter Eyeshadow – a lavender shade perfect to wear just on the eyelid around the tear duct and just below your lower lash line for a pretty yet subtle daytime look .
  • NYX Trio Eye Shadow– a classic trio of matte colors featuring white, grey, and black. blend colors for a smoky effect or grey on the crease alone compliments blue eyes nicely.
  • Urban Decay Three Piece Heavy Metal Glitter Eyeliner Set-draw a thin line as you would eyeliner in either silver-grey, blue-teal, or dark purple.
  • Stila Smudge Pot Liner -in bronze or jade shimmer to best accentuate blue eyes. goes on silky smooth and a great replacement for pencil liner. smudge proof and stays on all day.
  • Urban Decay Metallic Glitter Eyeshadow -in midnight cowboy rides again a golden-bronze shade with gold and silver shimmer.
  • Urban Decay Deluxe Eyeshadow -in freakshow, a rich-deep purple shade or honey, a creamy neutral shade.
  • NYX Glitter Cream eyeshadow -in royal violets. a nice palette of colors including a shimmering lilac, soft and deep purple, gold, and grayish-black.
  • DuWop Crush Eye Shadow -3 velvet-like colors in gold, copper, and bronze. soft and easy to apply as shadow yet dense enough to use as a liner also.
  • MAKE UP FOR EVER Aqua Eyes -water and fade proof pencil eyeliner available in a variety of colors!

A few more products that work well with blue eyes…

Accentuate blue eyes with these makeup tips 🙂

  • Try white eyeliner or a shimmering silver one on your lower lash line to open eyes rather than black liner which makes eyes appear smaller.
  • Blue eyeshadow doesn’t do much to play up your eyes so use with caution. Frost icy blue looks nice just on your lid, on the tear duct and below your lash line.
  • Use brown mascara for a softer look and black mascara for a more dramatic effect.
  • Dark green, navy blue, deep purple, or grey eyeliner also looks great around blue eyes.
  • Keep the rest of your makeup minimal to draw attention to those blue peepers.
  • Soft pink and peachy eye shadows blend well with blue eyes.
  • Try grey eyeshadow instead of black for a more subtle smoky eye look.
  • Purple shades look beautiful on blue eyes, as well as teal.

    Got any tips you’d like to share?