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Ellie box review- July box

I was so excited to be able to collaborate with a company like Ellie, because I had already heard great things about them. They are proud about their brand and don’t miss even the tiniest details, I mean check out their shipping box below. 😍

Ellie is a fitness monthly subscription box, that sends you a whole outfit, and a few workout essentials along. They are all about quality and quantity, seriously what you get for $49.95 is insane!!! As with most subscription boxes, Ellie allows you to skip a month, or exchange/return if the outfit didn’t work out for you. 

The July box came with the cute & color-coordinated outfit below, an ab roller, hair ties, and a chilling towel. 

The matching outfit wasn’t just cute, it was also perfect for low or high impact workouts. Kept you dry, had a nice stretch but perfectly sculpted your body, and felt breathable. I liked the mesh insets on the sides of the capris, and the fact the sports bra had a higher neck and removable cup pads. The top matched the capris, was light and airy; and even though the sports bra was from a different brand, the shade and style matched the capris and top very well. Overall, great outfit. High quality, repelled sweat which is definitely needed for a comfortable workout, true to size, and obviously very eye-catching 👍

The July Ellie box included three accessories: a chilling towel, an ab roller, and hair ties. 

The chilling towel was an awesome addition to this box, I loved it! Kept me cool while running on the treadmill, easy to use, clean, store, and an added bonus- it was pink! The ab roller was cool, easy to assemble and use, and you do feel the burn when using it. The Zobha hair ties were extremely cute, unfortunately are not the best when working out for me. I have a lot of hair, that’s also pretty thick, so the hair ties didn’t hold my hair up well enough while running. Regardless, they are nicer than your average black hair tie, and I still plan on using them when I am not working out. 

If you workout often, you probably own a few outfits devoted to your fitness. In my experience, a cute outfit makes it easier to put it on and get your workout done; and most often a full outfit is not on the cheap side. On average, $50 gets you the pants, top and bra. Sometimes, they aren’t even the best quality and don’t last too long, since fitness apparel is usually washed more often than everyday clothes. I was very surprised at the outfit inside my July Ellie box. It looked and felt great, when worn you could feel it was great quality, and the style was very fashionable. On top of the great outfit, you get the cool fitness related items included, and the convenience of at-home delivery, easy returns, and a skip policy. 

If you haven’t heard of Ellie yet, I highly recommend you check them out ASAP! If you’ve tried Ellie, feel free to link your reviews or share your favorite items so far in the comments! ✌❤

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Get motivated! Fitness inspiration images and quotes

Need some motivation to get your workout in today? Sometimes browsing through inspirational images can get you excited and ready to reach your fitness goals.

Check out a few of my favorite fitness inspiration quotes and pictures below. When you’re done you should be motivated to get moving!





whats your excuse






*All images were found @ Pinterest 

3 workout ideas for people who hate exercise

If you are anything like me, you take a somewhat disdainful view of your friends and acquaintances who have exorbitantly expensive gym memberships. Those who have no life beyond working out, and who freak out if they miss their morning run…

While I’ve come to respect people who take working out seriously, it’s never something I would do. Still, it’s absolutely essential for everyone, no matter what age or weight, to get some exercise in on a regular basis in order to maintain a healthy body and mind. For those who would rather skip that hamster wheel feeling you may sometimes get at the gym, here are some easy and enjoyable work out ideas.

1. Going for a long walk.

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Believe it or not, vigorous walking can be just as good for your health as heart attack-inducing, joint-destroying running. As long as you can walk fast enough to where you can feel your heart pumping lightly, you’ll know you are getting in a good work out. Make it as enjoyable as possible by taking your dog with you, going to the park, or listening to your mp3 player while doing it.

2. Joining an informal adult sports league.

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The only way you’ll consistently work out is if you are having fun while doing it. Even if you’ve never really played sports before, it’s a good idea to take advantage of any programs your employer may offer; like a company softball team. You can also join informal sports leagues on your own, which are offered in most towns and cities. Ask some of your buddies to join you, and you’d be surprised by how much fun you can have running around trying to kick, dribble, or  bat a ball. Especially since these leagues are usually not about competition and are more about enjoying yourself, you’ll get a great work out without if feeling like one.

3. Biking to work or any other reasonably located destination.

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The key to getting in exercise for people like us who don’t like to exercise is to participate in an activity that doesn’t really feel like a work out. One way to do that is to kill two birds with one stone. Going over to your friends house who lives a couple miles away? Why not bike there instead of driving? If you live close enough to your work, consider biking or walking there as well. Since you have to go to whichever location you are considering anyway, might as well combine transportation and exercise. It’ll make you feel as though you are accomplishing more than just working out.

Of course, these are just a few ideas to get you started on a workout routine that you can feasibly keep up with, but there are tons of other things you can do to stay in shape without getting bored. Just brainstorm ways that will get your body moving while still keeping your mind engaged. Good luck!

Author bio:
Jemima Lopez is a freelance blogger and writer who writes for Zen College Life, the directory of higher education, distance learning, and best online schools. She welcomes your comments at her email:  lopezjemima562@ gmail.com.

Vibram five fingers athletic shoes

You’ve seen them on people and selling at stores, but are those toe-accommodating sports shoes really worth the hype…

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Vibrams are said to be a better and ergonomically correct shoe for running and other types of physical activity. The way it allows for each of your toes to wiggle and move, is meant to create less stress and tension on your feet, which means less room for injury. There are various models, each meant for a different sport. They are also built specifically for either men or women, and come in different styles and colors. The soles have a slip-proof grip, And are made from breathable mesh and Stretch nylon. You can customize and lock the fit, so they are specifically designed for you.

These shoes are meant to be more efficient during fitness, but I think they look like you’re wearing a sturdy version of those funky toe-socks. it will probably take you time to get used to the wear and feel of these shoes, but they are said to improve your range of motion, flexibility and balance. I wasn’t too impressed when I first saw these shoes, possibly due to their design, though I wouldn’t mind putting regular sneakers and vibrams to a better workout shoe challenge.

Check out this field test video to see Vibrams in action and the effect they have on your feet as well as overall performance.

What about you?! Do you like the design and promise Vibrams offer? Or do you think they just look too weird when worn?! If you have a pair share your thoughts below! Do Vibrams really deliver a more vibrant fit and feel on your feet?!

A guy’s opinion:how to be a fit & sexy lady

Hello ladies.  I’m a fit, active, athletic male and I am an extreme sucker for fit, athletic ladies.  I’m a real man, I’m not chasing after 6 foot 100 pound models that have been touched up with an airbrush and pasted into a magazine.  While I will admit to looking and smiling at each and every photo in Victoria’s Secret catalog, that’s not really what us guys want or expect. We love ladies who take care of themselves, are healthy, fun and smart.  We do also love a great body and in my opinion, here are some of the best exercises and tips to help you drive the guys and the girls wild; because let’s be honest we know who you’re trying to impress!

Free-weights Are Your Friends

Don’t be afraid of the weights, you aren’t going to turn into a beastly lady.  Do extremely high repetitions in your sets.  Think 20 to 30 to make yourself tired, you’ll have amazing muscle stamina and give yourself the leanest look possible.  Lie down on a bench and do bench press exercises to keep your chest perky and work those tricep extensions for lean sexy arms and no jiggle.

Bands Are Amazing

I use bands myself and they are absolutely fantastic.  You can mimic dozens of exercises and add resistance to ever motion.  Go with the lighter bands and buy the ones with handles if you prefer.  Use the bands instead of free-weights for a wonderful resistance workout that will leave your upper body toned.

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Yoga – Oh Ya!

Ladies, we do love the yoga and we do love the pants.  Stretching is an absolutely crucial part of long, sexy muscles and exercises that use your own body weight are perfect.  There is a reason they call them “yoga arms,” it’s because all of the downward dog positions involve holding yourself in push-up type positions, sculpting your arms, shoulders and engaging your tummy.

Any Of Those Classes!

Zoomba, Dance, Tae-Bo, Pilates, Kenpo, Step, Jazzercise, Aerobics; the list goes on.  Not only is it more fun to work out with a class, but also most of these classes are typically a great workout that involves the whole body.  Not only are you sweating and burning calories, but toning your body all over.

A Long Lean Stomach

Of course we love a sexy stomach.  If you want that sexy stomach the most important thing to do is to eat healthily and burn calories.  You can’t have a sexy stomach if you have extra pounds, so cut back on the beers and empty calories and work on getting a sweat going more often.  Now that your body is thinner, focus on core exercises that are good for a tight stomach and not a 6 pack.  Crunches are always good, but try to do more leg raises and planks instead.

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Drink Water and Plenty Of It

Water is an amazing thing, it is delicious and 0 calories.  Additionally, it will help make your skin look wonderful.  Ditch the sodas and the empty calorie drinks that add up immensely throughout your day, cleanse your system and drink to better health by choosing water almost every time.

About the Author:

Cooper Elling is passionate about health, fitness & blogging. When he’s not working out he writes about Sono Bello, cooking and a myriad of other topics. He’s also active with Sono Bello on Twitter and Sono Bello on Facebook.

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Tips and tutorials for sexy legs

Long, strong legs are a great asset and they look good in shorts!

Your legs are a symbol of strength and mobility, since they carry most of your body weight. They’re probably taken for granted quite often, but you should be thankful and take great care of them while you can. Muscles, veins, nerves and bones all make up your legs, and have various duties in order to keep them working. Toned legs are easy to spot, as the calf and thigh muscles will look very defined. Your thigh bone, or femur, is actually the biggest bone in your body, which should tell you just how important legs actually are.

Skirts, dresses, shorts and swim suits are all types of clothing which leave your legs pretty exposed. Warm weather makes for short outfits so besides working on your tan, you should also work on adding definition to them!

Read these tips for getting and maintaining strong legs, and check out the tutorials below for great at-home-workouts to try!

1. Eat protein

– Protein is needed after a strength training session to help replenish your muscles. It’s also a big part of the food groups you should be eating to maintain healthy eating habits. Good sources of lean protein come from fish, chicken, beef, beans, soy, eggs, milk, and yogurt. Protein can easily be added to an active and busy lifestyle by drinking protein shakes or bars on the go, just be sure they are low in sodium and sugar. Another great benefit of consuming protein-rich foods, is that they keep you full longer and keep cravings at bay.

2. Take your time to tone up

– Don’t rush or over-do your workout, getting muscle definition takes time and it’s better to do a workout correctly than to rush and not get full benefits from your session.

3. Drink lots of water

– H2O keeps you hydrated and replenishes the water you lose from your body in a daily basis, it also helps keeping you full. It’s recommended to drink a glass of water before each meal to avoid overindulging. Water doesn’t just cleanse your body from toxins, it also aids in making workouts more efficient and easier. It’s pretty hard to keep focus and give your full potential if you’re dehydrated.

4. Walk or run uphill

– Walking uphill can be hard enough on your calves, just imagine what running uphill will do. The way your legs are angled when you walk uphill do a lot to strengthen and build calf muscle strength.

5. Do strength training

– You can’t expect to build muscle mass off cardio alone. Strength training should be done a couple times a week along with cardio in order to shed weight and tone up. Check out this article: Weight Training for Women,  to read more in depth about strength training.