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Get fit with BodyRock

One of the biggest excuses for not losing weight is not enough time…

With work, school, taking care of kids or a family, and everyday events it can be tough getting to the gym. But if you truly want to lose weight  whether it’s for health or personal reasons, you can do it without the gym. Honestly speaking, how many of you are paying for a membership that hardly or doesn’t even get used?!? Even if it’s only $20 a month, it adds up…

If you can’t find time to leave for the gym, make your own!

A less expensive way to lose weight is by doing home workouts. There are many sources online which offer great  workouts for free using some exercise equipment or your own body weight. Bodyrock.tv is a great site dedicated to home workouts which will get you in shape. Zuzana, the trainer and owner of BodyRock, demonstrates and explains how to do routines to achieve weight loss and strengthen muscles.

I had a tough time keeping up and will definitely have to give it a try again. In the meantime, try a workout yourself!?! Check out the following workout and let me know how tough or easy it was for you to accomplish 🙂

How to lose 10 lbs

Losing weight can be a challenge, but dropping just 10lbs can boost your confidence and get you on track.

There’s so much material available through books, media, and the internet promising quick weight loss. Diet pills, slimming drinks, or fad diets might work for you, but once you’re done with the product and go back to your regular eating habits expect some weight gain.

In order to lose weight and maintain the weight off, you have to change your lifestyle.Going on a diet or not eating a certain food group for a while, might affect your metabolism and digestive system once you start eating those foods again. For example, completely cutting out carbohydrates for a few months might help you drop weight and speed up your metabolism, but if you bring carbs back your metabolism will get confused and store the carbs as sugar in case you decide to skimp on them again.

Would you like to lose 10 lbs in 2-3 weeks???

Many diets and supplements love promising rapid weight loss and they usually deliver if you stick to it. Many diets and supplements don’t like sharing that weight gain will occur once you eat more than cereal, or the damages they might cause to your organs and health.

Losing 10 lbs. in 2-3 weeks is not an unreachable task that can only be accomplished by starving yourself or surviving off an apple a day. The perfect word to describe living a healthy lifestyle is Balance. Realizing that food is not an enemy and you can eat everything and still be healthy as long as you have balance. Portion control is a great term. Look at the size of your fist, that’s the portion of protein that should be going on your plate. Take advantage of your sense of taste and eat the food you enjoy, just learn to control the amount you eat.

Staying active and hydrated is part of a healthy lifestyle. You will definitely benefit from working out at least 30 mins. a day 5 times a week and drinking a lot of water. Cardio workouts, like aerobics or running, get your heart pumping fast which in turn helps you burn calories and overtime speeds up your metabolism. Lifting weights won’t burn calories as fast as cardio, but you will keep burning calories after your workout is done, improve  elasticity and add muscle mass. A good routine is cardio 3-5 times a week and weight training 3 times a week.

The following meal plan is an *example  of a healthy, simple to make, and satisfying option for a 1200-1500 calorie day.

Breakfast-  1 hard boiled egg and bagel or  plain oatmeal topped w/ fruit or granola

snack- 100 calorie pack of your choice or granola bar & 1 fruit

Lunch-  1 cup of homemade chili or lentil soup and a mixed vegetable salad w/ crumbled cheese on top squeeze lemon over it  or 1-2 tbsp of dressing. Don’t ruin a healthy salad by drenching it with dressing, add pieces of grilled chicken or ham and more veggies instead.

snack- yogurt and a fruit/ homemade trail mix (almonds,raisins,chex cereal, pistachios,dried fruit…)

Dinner- Homemade lemon chicken stir fry <– (click link for these yummy, low-cal. meals.) w/ brown rice or whole-wheat spaghetti. Clean your palate with a white wine or strawberry frozen yogurt:)

snack- sugar free Jello or 2-3 spoon-fulls  of hummus and pita chips.

Remember not to eat 2-3 hours before laying down or going to sleep to give your body time for proper digestion.

*this example is my opinion on a pretty balanced plan  meant to keep your metabolism working all day, but should not be considered before visiting a physician!

Check out this previous post,  lose weight:tips & tricks for more advice to help keep you on track!

8 minute abs

Check out the video below and do it daily along with following a healthy meal plan and exercising for at least 30 minutes in order to get tight abs.

This 8 minute video takes you through various exercises meant to target your abs and obliques. Each move is repeated for 45 seconds. Do it daily with physical exercise and healthy eating habits to notice results within months.