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Daily Goodie Box review- October

Why do I love Daily Goodie Boxes you might ask!? I support them, because I have discovered products ranging from organic, to companies who donate some proceeds. They obviously care about what products and companies go in their boxes, and this month left me amazed at all the goodies!

Let’s take a closer look at each of the goodies included below 😉

Now and Later -shell shocked

These are sooo good! Chewy and fruity, a much different version, but just as good as the original Now and Laters. They had five flavors: cherry, strawberry, banana, grape and sour apple. All were good, but my favorite was banana. They start out with a fruity gum consistency, but quickly change to a fruity chewy candy. Now and Laters remind me of when I was a kid since they were one of my favorites, and shell shocked was a nice change without compromising quality.

Flathau’s Fine Foods- Key Lime Snaps

These little shortbread cookies were simply irresistible. They are soft, yet have a bit of a crunch, and are sweetened just right. You get the key lime taste immediately, and they melt into your mouth with a nice buttery finish. Flathau’s key lime snaps are nice to compliment a tea, or a scoop of ice cream if you want to take dessert to the next level. Besides key lime, they have a nice variety of flavors, so check them all out to find your favorite 😊

Inko’s organic energy drink

This whole can of Inko’s organic energy is only 100 calories! It has a subtle orange taste, and doesn’t taste artificial. It has 165mg of caffeine per can, which is almost double of what is in a standard 8oz cup of coffee. Perfect for days when you need help getting stuff done👍My verdict, light & refreshing drink that gave me the energy I needed to get stuff done almost immediately. That energy kick lasted a few hours, and I didn’t even feel it wear off; which means no groggy feeling or slump like some energy products give you.

Mirabella glisten eyeshadow palette

I hadn’t heard about Mirabella cosmetics before receiving this pretty little palette in my October daily goodie box, and my first impression was, beautiful neutral colors in a compact palette. The colors are perfect for fall! The shadows apply smooth, I saw no fallout, and even though they have shimmer it’s very subtle. I loved the color combo in this palette, it has warm and cool hues and that beautiful frosty white was perfect. This palette is great for daytime or nighttime looks, and you can create subtle or smokey looks. Overall, I give Mirabella’s glisten palette two thumbs up, any palette that includes reds and golds is great in my opinion; especially when they are quality and richly pigmented. 👍👍If you haven’t already checked out Mirabella cosmetics, I highly recommend you do. They have a beautiful variety of natural beauty products from lips, to eyes, to cheeks.

Pure cosmetics silicone blender

I must admit, this silicone blender by Pure cosmetics is what I was most excited about receiving in this month’s box 🙂 My daily makeup routine includes a beautyblender for under eye concealer, so I decided to compare the sponge blender to Pure cosmetics silicone…

After using the silicone blender, there was no product left behind. The application, surprisingly was faster than with the sponge; which had me second guessing whether I had used enough product – and I had! The silicone blender applied all the product (meaning no waste!), blended even and quick. Another pro, silicone is hypoallergenic and so much easier to clean than the sponge. I LOVED my Pure cosmetics silicone pro blender, and have been officially converted to silicone over the sponge beautyblender. 😊

Pirouline rolled wafer

Piroulines are crispy and creamy rolled wafers, which I’ve enjoyed for years! I was very happy to see these dark chocolate crème de Pirouline along with a $1 off coupon in this month’s Daily Goodie Box. They came in a perfect serving of two (because if you buy a whole tin it’s hard to stop at two 😜). These light and flavorful wafers are great with a coffee or tea, your favorite dessert, or alone. If you have never tried Piroulines, they are a treat you have to give a try!

Kur Scandinavian bite size bars

Kur is a word from the Danish language and it means “to restore to the natural or proper condition”. This bite size bar is 110 calories with 8g of sugar, Kur strives to create pure food without the added sugar. Though it’s a small bar, it’s huge in flavor. You get the coconut and cashew taste from the first to the last bite. This bar is soft, chewy and moist; truly is a natural-tasting and sweet treat. This is why I love Daily Goodie Box, they introduce me to tasty, good for you bars, from companies who care about their product’s quality.

Sun & Earth -natural laundry detergent

Sun & Earth natural laundry detergent had a soft, citrus scent. I like the fact it’s a natural, cruelty free detergent. When washing our laundry we do prefer doing it with a hypoallergenic detergent to prevent any allergic reactions to scents and dyes, so this detergent was a good match. Overall, cleaned my clothes with no residue, left a very subtle and natural citrus scent, and no allergic reaction occurred after wearing clothes. 👍👍

Nellie’s -wrinkle b gone

Nellie’s all natural wrinkle-B-gone is a pretty innovative product, simply because it’s a way to avoid ironing! You wash and dry your clothes as usual, and once out of the dryer, spray Nellie’s wrinkle-b-gone and smooth out the piece of clothing you want to be wrinkle-free. Below is a pre-spray and after-spray image on one of my blouses.

Straight out of the dryer, my blouse was very wrinkled. I sprayed Nellie’s and let it dry for welll over five minutes. Pretty much all the wrinkles were gone, and Nellie’s left a nice fresh scent behind. This is a pretty handyspray, and Nellie’s is a great company committed to natural products.

Daily Goodie Box review

Monthly subscription boxes are everywhere nowadays. But how cool would it be to get a monthly box of samples for free?! 

Very cool,right?! Thanks to Daily Goodie Box, this is now a possibility. No catch, no “you have to pay for shipping”, all you have to do is sign up at their website, and when available they will send you a box. All they ask for in return, is for honest reviews on the items received. Seriously,  that’s it! 

Lucky for me, they were able to send out my first monthly box, filled with all these goodies!

My first thought about some of the items was, these are samples?! So excited to share my thoughts on each item below, so please keep reading 🙂

Beanfields nacho flavored chips

Beanfields is a family owned company which makes bean and rice chips. My Goodie box included a bag of Nacho flavored chips. They are vegan, gluten free, and yup, you guessed it, made of a black bean, navy bean and brown rice blend. They were delicious, crispy, and very full of flavor. My husband could taste a slight bean flavor, but I didnt catch it until the aftertaste. My three and one year old practically ate the whole bag! Awesome alternative to other chip brands. I 100% would recommend and buy this brand of chips again after trying them out. 

Gary Poppins lite popcorn 

First off, 90 calories per bag! Simply sea salt flavored and literally the only ingredients are: popcorn, coconut oil,  sunflower oil, and sea salt. The popcorn tasted as it should, I didn’t taste much of the sea salt flavor,  however it is supposed to be a lite option so it makes sense. This one wasn’t my favorite ouf of all the snacks in my Goodie Box, but honestly I am not big on popcorn in general. It definitely seems like a good alternative to other popcorn if you are looking for a low calorie, more natural product. 

EmPact protein & energy bar

Maple-liscious flavor. This bar is seriously summed up by the flavors name, DELICIOUS! It tasted like a maple/brown sugar mix, more like a candy bar than a protein bar. I had never heard of this brand before, but I am glad to have discovered it in my Goodie Box. It’s made of chia seeds and pecans, and that mixture created a delicious and filling bar. It has 10g of protein and 150 calories per bar. It is a much smaller bar than other protein bars I have tried, but it is so much more tastier and seriously fills you up. I am very impressed with this bar and will be keeping a lookout next time I’m at the grocery store. 

Raw Rev Glo protein bars

At first glance, it doesn’t look too appealing. My first bite reminded me of a typical protein bar, but then something magical happened. Gooey chocolate was hidden in the middle of the bar, and it completely changed up this protein bar’s game! This one has 11g of protein and 180 calories. I could definitely taste the chocolate and peanut butter, but not so much of the sea salt. The ingredients are a big plus on this bar, consisting of: Raw Rev superfood blend ( peanuts, pea protein, brown rice protein, raw organic hemp protein, raw organic coconut oil,  raw organic Chia seeds, raw organic sprouted flax seeds), prebiotic fiber from tapioca, organic Italian dark chocolate chips,  and sea salt. Awesome, organic, quality ingredients, plus the gooey chocolate surprise within the bar sets Raw Rev Glo protein bars apart from other protein bars companies. 

Dream Water Sleep Powder

Dream Powder in snoozeberry is a powder meant to do just as the name suggests, help you sleep. However, it states to be drug free thus avoiding dependency as with other sleep aids. It works within 30 minutes of taking and it recommends avoiding caffeine, television and your phone prior to sleeping. The flavor is ok, not my favorite, however I can definitely say I got a much more relaxed sleep than I normally do. Woke up feeling good, not groggy or feeling like I needed more sleep ( with two toddlers that’s pretty much the norm nowadays) ! I am not big on sleeps aids, but this one seems to be a good alternative. 

Älsa energy mix sticks 

Efficient sustained energy mix in a variety of flavors. After having kids, I traded  energy drinks for a nice cup of coffee. But I did give these convenient mixes a try one afternoon on which I much needed an energy boost. I tried the three citrus one, the whole packet is only 30 calories. I poured in half into a full cup of water as I was expecting a too sweet taste. Surprisingly,  I ended up pouring the full mix in since the taste was not at all sweet, even with the full stick. The taste was of citrus, not overpowering and not too sweet. It 100% gave me an energy kick so I could finish up my day, and I did not experience the typical fatigued crash when the drinks’ kick ends. That’s a plus for this mix since most energy drinks give you a jolt of energy and then drop you down when it ends. If you like energy drinks, don’t skip this one. I think it’s a much better option than what is out there.

Natralia anti-itch soothing cream

Natralia anti-itch soothing cream is an Australian brand lotion for fast acting relief from dry itchy skin. The ingredients listed make this a pretty safe lotion to use if you have sensitive skin, with colloidal oatmeal and menthol being the main ingredients. I didn’t have a need for this lotion while trying it out, so I lathered some on my arm and elbow to test it out. You immediately get the scent and a cool tingling feeling from the menthol, but it is not overbearing. It left me with soft skin for the whole day. I can definitely see how it can be a fast acting relief for itchy or dry skin from the menthol itself, plus oatmeal is well known for it’s soothing effect on skin. 

I enjoyed my Daily Goodie Box for the month of January, my favorite item was definitely the EmPact protein bar. This subscription box is a cool and FREE way to discover new products before you buy. Sign yourself up here!