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How to repair hair from heat damage

Ok ladies (and guys), this is an article most of us can relate to! I am sure most of you have at least one flat iron, curling iron or blow dryer which gets used weekly or more. Even if you use a heat protector on your hair, repetitive use can dull or cause split-ends on your lovely locks. What to do? Read this article for best products to try and home remedies, to help add some moisture to your hair and bring back a silky texture.

Tried and loved products: below are a few products I’ve used which worked for me. They range in price, so you can find one that fits your budget.  Though it worked for me, I can’t guarantee it’ll do the same for you. So use this as a buying guide, and if one doesn’t work try another.







If you prefer going the do-it-yourself route, here are a few recipes:

Mayo and eggs hair masque:

Use about a cup of mayo (less or more depending on hair length) and whisk in one full egg. Blend together and simply apply to dry hair. Completely saturate hair and cover with a shower cap or plastic bag. Leave on for 10-15 minutes and rinse off. Shampoo hair as normal,  dry and style. You can use this treatment weekly or every other week to treat and prevent damage. An alternative to mayo is an avocado.

Olive oil and vinegar treatment:

This treatment can also be used weekly or every other week. Work olive oil into hair, from scalp to ends. If you have time, give your scalp a light massage with the oil. Leave on hair for 10-15 minutes and rinse off using apple cider vinegar.  Regular vinegar works fine as well. The vinegar helps add shine to hair and removes the oiliness of the olive oil.

Quick conditioner fix:

This is a simple remedy which you can use every time you shower. All you do is shampoo hair as normal,  apply conditioner and leave on hair for 3-5 minutes. Doing this provides much needed moisture to your hair and will keep your hair tangle-free. You want to be sure the conditioner you use works with your hair, so splurge a little.  One that I have been using and highly recommend is Biolage Exquisite Oil Creme Conditioner– it is lightweight and seriously leaves your hair feeling silky soft after you use it.


Vibrant hair colors to try for the summer

Did you ever want to dye your hair a bright color, but were worried about how it would look on you? Lucky for you, I’ve compiled a few styles and tips of trying out this vibrant haircolor trend so you can find a look that suits you.

Here are a few tips on trying out pink, violet, blue or any other bright color you’d like without the worry of looking like a smurf 🙂

– if you are worried about not liking the final result, do a strand test. Apply the dye on a strand of your hair, from the back-lower half of your head. Let the dye do it’s job and rinse, blow dry the strand to see the final result. If you like it, continue with the rest of your hair, if not try a different shade.

– go for a semi-permanent dye so the color washes off in a couple weeks. This gives you more freedom than having permanent pink hair. On the flip side, if you for sure want the color to be permanent; bleach your hair first then apply the color. This will make the bright color pop more.

– if you are worried about what the boss will say of your new do, get a less drastic look by dying only the tips or doing a few highlights. Pastel shades are also a nice way of wearing a more subtle shade of a vibrant color. Of course it’s always a great idea to ask and see what your jobs policy is on unnatural hair colors.

– if you are getting your hair colored at the salon, be sure to bring pictures of the exact color you want as a reference. Remember, there are many shades of pink and your version of soft-pink might not be the same as the stylist’s.

– just like all hair coloring, there are many styles to choose from with wearing bright colors. Thin or chunky highlights, ombré, balayage, top or lower half of head, and tips only are a few looks. Check out the images below for a better visual of this bright and fun trend.


pretty pastel pink hair


multi-color bright highlights



purple highlights for short hair




5 cute summer hairstyles

How do you prefer your hair around summertime; lustrous beach waves or pulled back in a pretty bun?! Whatever your style is, below are five of the cutest hairstyles to rock around summer and most of them are pretty effortless.

1. Beach waves- this tousled look is by far the most popular summer look and can easily be achieved.


How to get beach waves:

If you don’t want to use styling tools another method you can try is applying mousse right out of the shower on your hair and scrunching it. Follow by spritzing with sea salt spray, scrunching some more and letting hair air dry.

2. Braided headband- this look is super cute for summer days and very practical for a day at the beach.


You can wear it with a side ponytail like in the picture above. Or wear your hair down, or up in a bun. Check out an easy tutorial for headband braids below.

3. If you want your hair up in a bun, but want a cute accessory to match- try a bandana headband. Quicker than a braided one and a nice way to add color.


Simply fold the bandana and tie it around your head like a headband. Follow by putting your hair up in a messy bun, or if preferred leave hair down.

If you don’t like this look, you can find tons of pretty hair accessories by browsing below.

4. Casual chignon- put a spin on a classic bun with a pretty chignon like the one below.


Here is a quick and easy to follow tutorial to get a pretty chignon.

5. Loose braids are easy to achieve and look super casual to match summertime.


How to get a loose side braid:
Part your hair on one side, with a curling iron or hot roller create long waves on the top layer of your hair. Braid to the side in a normal or French braid style, but be sure to not make the braid tight. Spritz lightly with hairspray and add bobby pins to your hair just below your ear, on the side of your hair opposite the braid.

An alternative to a loose braid, and classic summer hairstyle is a low ponytail. Add some flair by adding waves or curls to your pony.

Beautiful brunettes: 10 best hair color ideas

Who said brunettes don’t have fun?! Besides being the most popular hair color, there are many shades and coloring techniques to choose from. Another advantage when going brunette is it makes colored eyes pop, and makes you look youthful without needing to use makeup. When you dye your hair brunette, it also looks more lustrous and less damaged than when you go lighter.

If you want dark hair but prefer a multi tonal look- choose a dark brown shade with subtle highlights for a more natural look.


Chestnut brown hair is a good color if you want a lighter brunette shade.


If you are blonde and want to go darker try a honey brown shade.


Golden brown is a nice option if you are looking for a warm brunette shade. it also really brings out blue or green eyes.


If you want a dark brunette shade but don’t want any reddish or gold tones- go for a dark ash brown color. Ash is a neutral tone which helps prevent warm tones.


Light ash brown is a good option if you want a neutral brunette shade that’s not as dark. Ash brown offers a more natural-looking color with cool undertones.


A nice color to try which is pretty low maintenance and works well on all skin tones is chocolate brown.


If you are stuck between red and brown hair- try mahogany brown.


If you’re thinking of getting darker hair, but are scared to commit- try a beachy brunette look like the ombre locks below. Great for summertime!


Looking for a darker shade? Go for a jet black color. If you have colored eyes, be prepared for them to be enhanced with your new dark locks.


10 most beautiful red hair color ideas

Thinking of going red? Before you do, browse below for ten looks to inspire you on which shade of red works best for you; as well as a few tips on this showstopper color.

Going red requires your commitment to maintain the shade from fading. Red hair looks vibrant and calls attention, but it’s also the fastest color to fade over time. Purchase a shampoo and conditioner specifically made to help keep red looking good.

Another thing to remember when going red is that once you dye your hair this ravishing shade, it’s best to keep the color for a while. This is mainly because red pigment can be tough to fully take out ,and can leave orangey undertones if you plan on going lighter when you’re done being a redhead.

Red hair looks good on all skin tones, especially due to the many options when it comes to hair coloring. You can go fully red, get highlights or lowlights; and not to mention the many shades of red you can play with. Which look do you like best?!

Want noticeable red without being too dramatic? Try red hair with gold undertones 


If you want an intense shade try  “Jessica Rabbit” vibrant red hair 


Looking for a subtle or dark red? Try burgundy hair


If you want a different and original look, check out the red ombre on burgundy hair below


Want a dramatic in your face color? Go for a super bright red


If you want hints of red- try highlights and choose your favorite shade from bright to darker reds


Looking for a fun trendy style? Go for a red ombre look


 If you want to go red but want a subtle look that doesn’t involve bleach- choose a mahogany shade


 Want another fun and trendy look to try? Go for a look with different shades of highlights 


 If you prefer a dark red that’s still noticeable- try a red wine shade


Easy ways to change up your hairstyle

A hairstyle routine can leave you bored with repetition, but there are many quick things you can do to change it up effortlessly. If you’re the type of girl who sticks to one hairstyle most everyday here are a few tips to change it up, without being too drastic.

If you always wear your hair in a ponytail…


Why not dress up your ponytail a bit! You can try braiding it, or switching from a high ponytail to a low one. Or try the super easy and fancy looking side ponytail like the one in the tutorial below.

If you always wear your hair down…

hair down

Change it up by switching parts. Something that simple, can make a big difference. Try a side part and  use a few bobby pins to sweep one side behind your ear.

Another quick thing you can do to change the look, is add waves with a curling iron or hot rollers. Hot rollers are a nice alternative to a curling/flat iron because they are pre-heated and all you have to do is roll them on your hair, then get ready while your hair sets. If your hair is already wavy/curly try a blow out or straighten it.


If you always wear your hair in a bun…


Fancy up your bun, by wearing it super high and sleek. Or you can also wear a nice headband or bandana on your hair, add a poof, and finish with a high messy bun. Check out a few pretty headbands below.