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Do-it-yourself Halloween costume ideas

Not everyone wants to spend $50+ on a costume that will most likely only be worn once this Halloween. Making your own costume, whether it be by matching pieces and accessories together or sewing an actual outfit, can save you a lot of money. It will also allow you to wear stuff you purchased as a costume not just on Halloween.

Catwoman costume


Sailor Moon costume


Complete your Sailor Moon costume with makeup to open up your eyes and give that anime doll look. Check out the video below it’s a great tutorial for a Sailor Moon look. You can buy the wig like in the tutorial, or simply put your hair up in pigtails and find accessories to match Sailor Moons.

Katy Perry– in her “California girls” look
This costume is pretty simple to DIY. Check out the outfit I put together below to get an idea of how to put the look together. Rather than doing the cupcake bra, you can wear a cami and wear cupcake themed accessories. Your biggest purchase will most likely be a blue wig, or if you don’t mind dying your hair, you can also do a temporary hair dye or try doing a kool-aid hair dye! Check out this tutorial to temporarily dye your hair with Kool-aid over at Haircolorcode. If you want to do the real look Katy Perry showed off in her “California girls” video, check out this post for a very creative and detailed tutorial on making your own cupcake bra. Sprinkles and candied nipples included!


70’s chick (hippie) costume
Peace and love! This costume is pretty easy to do-it-yourself and you might already own a paisley top, or fringed vest. Complete the costume with sleek-straight hair, or do the classic Farrah Fawcett hairstyle by following the YouTube tutorial below.


Cruella De Vil costume
Let your inner villain out this Halloween by wrapping yourself up in a Cruella inspired look. Her attire consisted of a classic black dress, fur coat and boots/heels. My Cruella De Vil outfit below looks as though it would be a modern look for her. Those Louboutin booties look as though they were made with her in mind! Besides the fact the coat is faux-fur, I’m pretty sure Cruella would have loved the rest.


Disney princess costume ideas for Halloween

If you like Disney princesses and are considering dressing up as one for Halloween this year, check out a few costumes and outfit ideas below. A few of them have updated looks with shorter hems but longer versions are available if you click on the images. You can also try the do-it-yourself route and use the pictures for inspiration in creating your final look. Creating your own costume is usually cheaper than investing in one at the store and gives you the freedom in choosing pieces which can be worn again.

Snow White
















Find a do-it-yourself mermaid costume idea and other cute looks here -> 5 cute Halloween costume ideas for women


Not a fan of being a Disney princess? How about a sexy version of the evil queen 🙂